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Being a big soda and drink fan i will give reviews on various drinks I run across whether it be beer, soda or sport/energy drinks.

This is my first review. Just recently being diagnosed as a diabetic, my sweet drinks will be fewer. I recently started the atkins diet. Watching my carbs, I am drinking their shakes. Well I tried another brand EAS AdvantEDGE

gotta say not impressed with this one. At first drink it is not too bad, but the after taste has a slight metallic flavor. Also if you are familiar with the way dog food smells, it tastes like that smells. I am talking the super cheap "Ol 'Roy" brand, not the good stuff.

The Pros: 17g protien. 2g carbs .5g fiber (net 1.5g carbs)

Cons: After taste and flavor.



--- Quote from: rollntider on May 13, 2015, 12:39:02 AM ---Also if you are familiar with the way dog food smells, it tastes like that smells.

--- End quote ---
Pass.  That is the worst possible description of anything.

Yeah. My thoughts exactly. 

Those guys have the worst products across the board IMO.
There are plenty of low to no carb protein powders out ther that are great for shakes.
But allow me to offer my story of caution.
About 6 years ago i was diagnosed with a kidney stone which surprised me greatly because i was always well hydrated due to my workout routine.
My food intake was well regulated so it was easier for me to see what may have been the cause.
Protein powder isnt necessarily a red flag for everyone like say, dehydration would be, but it can be a cause.
I may be one of the few to result with a stone or it couldve been compounded by another element, however my research told me that in my case it was the powder, so take that FWIW.
BTW, im still carrying that blasted stone.

And sorry to derail your thread...ill get back on track...
I rarely drink sodas due to how awful they are for you, but with that, I love the Dew and A&W Cream sodaand IBC RB


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