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Super 8
So I tuned in to this on TV (to my surprise), and I watched what was probably 30-60 minutes into the movie.  That's fine, typically the first half of a movie like this is just filler to get you introduced to characters that you don't care about anyway.  So as I come into the movie, there's a defiant kid with a chip on his shoulder because his mom died, and his fat douchebag of a friend who bullies and yells at him over insignificant things.  And part of the reason why is because of a love triangle (that only exists in fatty's head) with a girl that the protagonist likes (and she likes him).

The name of the movie comes from the camera used to film their home movie, a Super 8 film camera, which the bullying friend used as a means to try and get to know (and get her to like him, as if that would somehow work) the female tritagonist.  On the final day of shooting their movie, however, a violent eruption occurs and strange events unfold.  In the aftermath, they try to figure out just why it is that the military has shown up, but of course just like every movie, we get to hear the most cliched crap, "classified," "need to know basis, and you don't need to know," blah blah blah.  Makes me feel irritable when I see movies that always fall back on crap lines like that.

So the boys can't figure out what the problem is, until later that night they're watching the film reel that they've been shooting with.  During the events that took place, they video taped something that they never would have expected to (and never noticed the night it happened), and now they're aware of why the military has shown up.  During this time, the deuteragonist is introduced in the form of some kind of alien life form.  In a small town of 12,000 caught between an enraged alien and a military strike force hell bent on capturing it, our protagonist is further hampered when both his father and his would-be girlfriend are abducted.

So describing the jist of the rising narrative, I'll get to my own falling point thoughts.  What a waste of a good movie.  This movie had a lot of potential, it was really kind of exciting and intriguing to watch.  But I don't know if it was a budget constraint, or just bad writing, the final 20 minutes of the movie rendered the entire thing not only stupid, but a waste of time.  In the movie, the tired as hell plot device that it's a misunderstood gentle giant, and we're simply the monsters that made it into the unstoppable killer that it has become is present.  I'd really like to see some movies that don't use this.  Why does mankind always paint itself as this ignominious tyrant race that is the root cause of every problem?  Also present is the fat loudmouth character who shouts, it's like I'm watching The Goonies, but without the enjoyability that the Chunk character brought to The Goonies.  And just like the goonies cast, there's an inventor in this movie too, too bad he only knows how to make firecrackers.

The ending of the movie is the actual problem, but I don't want to spoil it.  That having been said, I still don't advise anyone to watch this movie.  I give this movie a 2 out of 5.  It was really great, and then it was just so, so bad.  If it weren't for the ending, it would have been a good movie.

i agree the ending could have been better. To me it was a modern day goonies. Just rehashed

I reviewed this on the other site and my sentiment stands; this film was stinko

I had no idea that Mad Max was being rebooted by the guy that did them all in the first place...anyway, here's the first trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road.


yea, looking forward to this.  they were to film this and a sequel at the same time


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