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I mean, I'd compete, but I guess I'm still in it. Although admittedly I don't even know what game I'd want at this point now that I have RDR2 and Spider-Man.

Chit Chat / Re: Your Unpopular Opinion
« on: January 18, 2019, 02:40:57 PM »
Would you classify a donut as a breakfast food, or a dessert, is the real question

Chit Chat / Re: Your Unpopular Opinion
« on: January 18, 2019, 01:17:54 PM »
I mean, I can eat a proper NY bagel plain if I really want to and still enjoy it more than a donut. Bagels rock. Thankfully I found a great bagel place near the house here which did not disappoint. "Blazing Bagels," but I don't think they're a chain? At least, not nation-wide.

Chit Chat / Re: oh you didnt know?
« on: January 16, 2019, 03:11:16 PM »
My favorite chocolate bar, as it were.

Pro Football / Re: Your top 5 most hated players of all time
« on: January 16, 2019, 12:57:40 PM »
Ooooo, good one.

So, seeing as how this is in Pro Football I'll stick to NFL players, but here we go:

#1- Tom Brady. You know why.

#2- Brett Favre. Back when I was still a Bucs fan, this was the guy. That Sapp-Favre rivalry was great, but man oh man did Favre have Tampa's number.

#3- Shaun Alexander. Oh yeah, right? Weird, right? Not weird. Eff this guy, eff him getting a Madden cover, I had never seen a more obviously overrated running back benefit from an amazing O-Line (except, maybe , DeMarco Murray).

#4- Cortland Finnegan. Hear from this guy in a while? No? Because his punk ass got put down by Andre Johnson and that was that. He was somewhat talented, but man what an arrogant, jerk of a person.

#5- Robert Meacham. Yeah, right, who's that? Pre-season warrior, that's who. You're highly drafted, out of a great college, you had a great college career, you end up on a team with Drew Brees and proceed to do absolutely nothing. GREAT, GREAT pre-seasons every year. Absolutely nothing when it counts. Wasted a couple fantasy picks on this guy before realizing he was unworthy of a roster spot. Random, I know.

Chit Chat / Re: Do You Remember.....
« on: January 14, 2019, 05:19:31 PM »
Remember when you had to actually know where the hell you were going? It was second nature to be able to spot an address on just about any house or building. I think back to when I delivered pizza for two years. I was fast as hell because I knew the roads, had my hood wired and made a killing.
I still chuckle when people are late and say, "GPS took me the wrong way" geez, you woulda never made it.


I briefly got to drive without GPS and it was awful. I was a terrible navigator.

My dad, however, on road trips and stuff, was great. Even if he did manage to take a wrong turn, he was great at finding his way back.

College Ball / Re: The Official 2018 College/Pro Pick 'em Thread
« on: January 14, 2019, 12:02:56 PM »
Tider maintains his lead, Rigg retakes second place.

Tider - 127 total, 15/21 spotlight (4 points this week)

Rigg - 125 total, 15/21 spotlight (5 points this week)

CFL - 124 total, 13/21 spotlight (4 total points this week)

Buc - 124 total, 15/21 spotlight (4 points this week)

Norm - 111 total, 12/21 spotlight (5 points this week)

Thai - 96 total, 8/21 spotlight (0 points this week, no picks submitted)

Crewe - 82 total, 8/21 spotlight (0 points this week, no picks submitted)

College Ball / Re: The Official 2018 College/Pro Pick 'em Thread
« on: January 14, 2019, 11:59:53 AM »
Conference Championship Weekend (Earliest Game is Sunday, January 20 @ 3:00pm ET)

NFC Championship: Los Angeles Rams @ New Orleans
AFC Championship: New England @ Kansas City

Console Gaming Discussion / Re: Red Dead Redemption 2
« on: January 14, 2019, 11:38:43 AM »
Finally got to the Epilogue on my first playthrough. Going to spend some time finishing that out, once I'm done (and we'll see if I care enough to hunt any of the legendaries I have left, like the Pronghorn you apparently can't get until the Epilogue), I think I'll play through again, except this time as Dishonorable.

I will say, I usually play as good my first playthrough on these types of games (Jedi on KOTOR, Paragon on Mass Effect) because 9 times out of 10, playing evil is the easier of the two. I'm glad I did it this way, because Arthur's story, when honorable, really was amazing, and his journey throughout and his growth as a character was really so well done by Rockstar, it sneaks up on you before going full-out, especially in the final chapter with everything happening.

I know that the cut scenes differ when you're dishonorable, curious to see how much so. In my mind, though, my honorable Arthur will be the one true cowboy, whereas my next Arthur will be, like, Elseworlds Arthur.

College Ball / Re: The Official 2018 College/Pro Pick 'em Thread
« on: January 12, 2019, 10:27:22 PM »
That's what I get for trying to pick up a game. Stupid picking Indy.

Pro Football / Re: Your top 5 favorite players of all time
« on: January 11, 2019, 01:08:08 PM »
Alright, my all-time favorites to watch:

Cris Carter - the original. I may or may not have ever admitted this here, but I wasn't a Bucs fan until 2001, when I moved to a new high school. Before then, I was a Vikings fan, but I could really only name one player for a while: Cris Carter. I don't know what it was, my mom was a Giants fan, my brother and dad Jets fans, but for some reason I became obsessed with the Vikings solely because of Cris Carter. He was a beast, and all he did? Catch touchdowns. Loved it.

Mike Alstott- At some point, I started playing Madden more regularly, and I played as the Vikings for a while, but then the Bucs got those cool new uniforms, so I started to play as them, learned the players on the team, met some Bucs fans on the official message board and then moved, so had a chance to restart and, for whatever reason, did. Part of that was Alstott. Just an absolutely bruising back, watching him break one long usually involved a couple of defenders getting absolutely run-over. Always nice having this guy in the backfield when you were on the goal line.

Wayne Chrebet - I know these are all teams I root (or rooted, in the case of the Bucs and Vikes) for, but yeah, Wayne Chrebet was a known name in my household. Don't get me wrong, love Curtis, Curtis Martin was incredible, but on 3rd down the ball was almost always going to Wayne, and you could trust him to make that catch past the first down marker more times than not.

Randy Moss - for real. Even after I'd abandoned my Bucs fandom, how could you not enjoy watching....everything? Like, OBJ is great, he gets some cool catches, but Moss was something else entirely and could get separation like nobody else I'd seen. A completely different beast from Carter. I was mesmerized.

Michael Vick - All of you are liars for not including Vick. I don't care if he couldn't pass! This guy was ELECTRIC on the football field and you never had any idea if he was about to take that ball the distance for a TD, throw a deep strike to Price or Crumpler or just toss a beautiful looking interception.

Honorable mentions (off the top of my head): Offense: Barry Sanders (I didn't get to see THAT much of him, which is why he's so low), Steve Young

Defense: Warren Sapp, Jevon Kearse, Brian Urlacher, Brian Dawkins, Rhonde Barber

Chit Chat / Re: The Life Thread
« on: January 11, 2019, 11:47:57 AM »
Forgot about my own, heh.

Went back to Myrtle Beach for the first time since leaving back in 2017 (well, slight lie. We were there for literally one night after the cruise, the ship docked in Charleston, we rode back with her mom and sis to Myrtle and flew back out the next day).

But, yeah. I stayed at my mom and dad's, she stayed at her mom's place, so that part sucked. Had a good xmas eve with her side though, Christmas day with mine and had kiddo after noon on that day. Fiancee left on the 26th to visit the rest of her family in Pennsylvania, I stuck around and met up with some old friends, saw plenty of movies with kiddo (none of them good, sadly. Well, Bumblebee was actually OK, but Aquaman  and Vice were a mess. Although we DID see Die Hard in theaters on the following Sunday, so that was cool).

Highlight was probably either the sushi dinner with friends or an entire day of playing board games (starting with "Who Goes There?" and never quite finishing the "Firefly" board game).

But, yeah, good time. On New Years Eve I flew to DC and met back up with the fiancee (we had flown into DC, she'd rented a car, we drove into MB, and then she drove that car back to PA. Cheaper to return it to the same airport so we flew back out of DC and she met me there when I flew back in), hung out and flew back home to celebrate the New Year.

Chit Chat / Re: Your 2018 Bests
« on: January 11, 2019, 11:44:18 AM »
Hm, yeah, I dunno

Best vacation: Definitely the cruise the fiance and I took back in January of 2018. Went with her mom and sister to the Bahamas. A five day cruise, I had a good time. She got a little seasick the first and last day though so not sure I'll get to go on another.

Best movie: Blindspotting, but I've covered my love for that movie enough already.

Best TV show: Going to (maybe?) cheat and say Better Call Saul's fourth season, which aired last year. Absolutely incredible and it's astonishing to me that the show keeps getting better.

Top sports moments: I mean, the Eagles winning their first Super Bowl and beating Brady was a pretty big moment, right?

Top video-game: Going to go with Red Dead Redemption 2, but we're talking, if RDR2 were a 10, Spider-Man would be a 9.9. There's just so much in Red Dead, it's hard to put Spider-Man in front of it, but man have I been loving that game so far too.

College Ball / Re: The Official 2018 College/Pro Pick 'em Thread
« on: January 08, 2019, 05:42:43 PM »
Latest scores for a rough week:

Tider - 123 total, 14/20 spotlight (3 points this week)

CFL - 120 total, 12/20 spotlight (1 total points this week)

Rigg - 120 total, 14/20 spotlight (3 points this week)

Buc - 120 total, 14/20 spotlight (4 points this week)

Norm - 106 total, 11/20 spotlight (3 points this week)

Thai - 96 total, 8/20 spotlight (0 points this week, no picks submitted)

Crewe - 82 total, 8/20 spotlight (0 points this week, no picks submitted)

College Ball / Re: The Official 2018 College/Pro Pick 'em Thread
« on: January 08, 2019, 12:07:34 PM »
2019 Divisional Round (Earliest Game Saturday, 1/12/19 at 4:30pm ET

Indianapolis @ Kansas City
Dallas @ LA Rams
Philadelphia @ New Orleans
Spotlight Game: LA Chargers @ New England

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