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Chit Chat / Re: The TV thread
« on: Today at 07:45:16 AM »
GLOW Season 3

I dont know what happened here. Suddenly, meaning season 3, GLOW became directionless.
Straying and disappearing plot lines are accompanied by statements about society and mores, which isn't a bad thing you understand, but thats completely void of what Season 1 and 2 were about, altogether.
The actors are strong and timing is good which carries the show somewhat but it just cant over come a big nothing.
By episode 7, I was tuned out, honestly didnt care what happened, because whatever it was, it was going to be meaningless.
And I wasn't disappointed.
If you watched the first two seasons, just pretend the show was canceled.

Chit Chat / Re: The TV thread
« on: March 29, 2020, 04:28:11 PM »
maybe I will then. Always looking for something new.

I remember the days when my queue was so full, I thought Id never finish it, but for about a year now Ive been pretty flush.
I mean there's tons of docs and a few films, things like that that are always there but, otherwise, Im looking for new stuff.

Chit Chat / Re: The TV thread
« on: March 29, 2020, 04:04:05 PM »
id like to hear what you think of S3, I liked it.

CBS, really? I swore off network shows decades ago because of what I call CSI tv.
Maybe Ill give it a look if you think its worthy.

Chit Chat / Re: The Sports Vault Thread
« on: March 29, 2020, 03:58:37 PM »
So in 1980, the newly christened Astro, Nolan Ryan led the team to their first NLCS vs the Phillies.
Man, did I ever love this team, still do. Unfortunately for me, I was already introduced to Houston heartbreak the prior two years with the Oiler and Steelers wars, which is a whole other post.
it seems to me, when I look back on Houston heartbreak teams, we are always against the very best, sans the 93 Bills, no offense.
But seriously, the 70's Steelers, I mean, c'mon man. Anyone else and we are top dog.
Same with the Astros vs the Phillies and Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton, Tug McGraw and Greg Luzinnski. Ok, thats not quite fair since we did have Ryan, Joe Morgan, Jose Cruz and Cesar Cedeno too. But still...
In any event, game one was the most ordinary; 3-1 Phillies in Philly.
Game 2 however, was a nail biter until Cruz and Cedeno led a charge in the tenth inning that saw the Astros score four runs and win 7-4 (Philly scored one in the bottom of tenth)

Game 3 in Houston
A zero zero tie in a true pitchers ballpark. This was baseball and this was the game I attended.
A tied best of three game series, at 0-0 here and its now in to extra innings, again?! I couldn't take much more, seriously.
And at the Dome, we were sitting close to the concourse on the third base side, close to home plate.
In the 11th, Joe Morgan led off with a triple and the roof about came off of that place, it was so loud an so great.
And then two intentional walks to get to Denny Walling. Fingers crossed...he can do almost anything but strikeout, just dont strikeout! Please please please dont strikeout.
I remember it to this day. The a soft fly to left, is it deep enough, is he going? He is, he scores! I couldn't see at all, just this sea of hands, my eardrums bursting, me jumping up and down trying to hear what happened.
Soon, I knew, the crowd reaction told me it was a SAC fly. Astros win in 11! I was almost crushed in that crowd, being hugged, mobbed by celebration.
My dad and I were at that game and it was without a doubt one of the most fun times. There's just something about dads and sons and baseball games man.

Unfortunaltely, that was the highest we would reach. Game 4. yet another extra inning game in which the Phillies pulled it out 5-3 in 10 after putting up 3 in the 8th. That hurt, that hurt bad.

Game 5. Do or die.
With a 2-2 tie in the 7th, the Astros put up 3 to take a 5-2 lead. This was awesome!
But nerve wracking. And it didnt take long either. In the eighth, the Phillies put up 5 freakin runs. Five.
Just like that, we were down 5-7 in the 8th and hope was dwindling. Such a rollercoaster of emotions, again, that wouldn't last long. In the bottom half, the Astros rely and put up two more to tie. Nothing in the 9th. Extra innings again? Are you kidding me? Thats four games in a row.
Back to back Philly doubles in the tenth gives them the 8-7 lead, Astros go down 1-2-3. End of story.
I cried man, I cried just like I did for the Oilers. But me, being a baseball player, I was really hooked in to the Astros. This was soul crushing.
So what did I do? I decided to root for Kansas City. I mean, George Brett after all, right?
Of course the Phillies swept them. And the sepsis just kept eating away at me. It wouldn't be until 1986 where we would get another crack but then those stinking foul coked up Mets. Geesh.

So here's the Walling game.
FF to about 3:28 to see Morgan's triple. Also on a bad legs nd he hobbled around in a clutch moment long before Gibson so there's that.  :D
Houston has the top two spots on longest post games in MLB history and also, no other series has had four consecutive extra inning playoff games.

Chit Chat / Re: The TV thread
« on: March 29, 2020, 03:13:32 PM »
Watched the first episode of High Fidelity on Hulu last night, starring Zoe Kravitz. Promising, really enjoyed it-feels like the Nick Hornsby novel.

keep me posted. but IM so tuned in to Cusak's version which wasn't all that long ago, really soon to be rebooted to me, but nonetheless, for those reasons, I simply will not give it a chance unless you guys just rant and rave about it. Or I watch everything else under the sun ;-)

Ozark Season 3
I dont know what you have seen so I won't spoil Season 2 for you.
Marty, Wendy, Charlotte and Jonah are back for more. Incidentally, I thought the S2 ending
Spoiler: show
was really well done and open ended in case the show wasn't picked up for another season. Cant say the about season 3 lol

I have always enjoyed Laura Linney and certainly Jason Bateman prior to this series but man, they are both so tuned in to these characters, it really makes for a tension filled ride.
Janet McTeer (Helen Pierce) wedges her way in to the fold a bit more which is good for me since I love her character as well.
She is almost a mediator between Marty and Wendy as the show almost splits in to two different series, one for Marty and one for Wendy.
It's really well told and periphery characters have strength and a place in the series, all except for maybe Three (Carson Holmes) who is merely a brief plot device.
I'd be remiss if I didnt mention Julia Garner's Ruth who is on full display with her accent and rural characteristics.
She has perhaps the biggest development arc and Garner plays it perfectly believable. She, as part of the Ozark well known cursed family along with her cousin Wyatt (who has quite the arc in his own right - my reaction omitted for spoiler purposes) and the aforementioned Three.

Season 3 has a huge story revolve around Wendy's brother, Ben (Tom Pelphrey) who, it won't hurt to tell you, is bi polar.
At first, I think he's just an insert for attention purposes, but it actually becomes quite a revealing and supremely well acted plot point that (potential spoiler maybe)
Spoiler: show
ended up being far more material than I thought.
and for me, he does one more thing.
Nudge me bacak in to Wendy's corner a little bit. I say that because you see, while I love Laura Linney and she makes Wendy so condescending, so infuriatingly maddening that it worked. I hate her character.
Every single thing in S3 is her fault. Everything. And she still blames Marty. It's a level of narcissism between the two that is a searing force in the plot that just makes me combust, almost.

And now, the problem with binge long do I have to wait for season 4?? lol
In any event, give this a look, highly recommended. All seasons are on Netflix and all are equally good, although I do like two and three better.

Guess Ill go finish up GLOW now  ???

Chit Chat / Re: The Life Thread
« on: March 29, 2020, 02:54:18 PM »
In this time of seclusion, early on, I was still going to the grocery store on the reg because I normally go 3-4 times a week, or more, deepening on what's happening.
As everything worsened, I began looking in to delivery services because many store pick ups were delayed by over a week. I have used that service for essentials that we always need, but needed a bit sooner delivery on other things, despite availability.

I've used Insta Cart now three times and each time delivery has been within 5 hours the same day, sans once I saw a window was for the next day.
You can order when the store is closed and you will receive an option for to select a time for the next day.

You are asked to select substitutions for each item which is understandable. If you are around, your shopper will message you about substitutions or you can contact them via messaging through the app.
There's the ability to edit the order prior to shopping beginning, and even though I haven't tried it, Im sure you could message your shopper during the trip to make changes.
Fees are reasonable here, 3.99 for delivery, there's a 2.00 delivery fee and any amount of tip you choose. The app/website defaults to 5%.
For me, its a bit easier to browse via the website then follow up on the app, but either is easy, both the same and app is free.
All in all, I think you pay about $10 bucks more after fees and deliveries which I dont consider to be a bad deal, considering.
Even as most of us are home, you can opt to have the driver leave them at the door to avoid contact, and can even submit messages with your order, such as, buy deli cheese in a block, not sliced.

The app/website is sorta like Dominos I guess, with its tracking phases. It tells you when shopping is in process and the route of the driver to your house with estimated arrivals.

Insta Cart partners with your local stores, so there's a bit of variety within the big box market, ie.e Kroger, H.E.B. (Texas only) Target, Wal-Mart etc...
One downside, and I dont know how important it is to you, but you obviously dont receive any loyalty points from your store card.
They do offer an express which I think negates one of the fees and gives you faster delivery but its $99 per year. Again, thats optional.
It costs nothing to sign up and use the app/website, other than the fees I discussed above.
Other than that, I've been pretty happy with it thus far.

Stay healthy guys!

Chit Chat / Re: The 2020 Song A Day Thread
« on: March 27, 2020, 05:45:04 PM »
America, A Horse with no name.
Mainly because its the song Im trying to learn right now ;-)

Chit Chat / Re: The Sports Vault Thread
« on: March 26, 2020, 09:01:48 PM »
Jesus man Bure was amazing!

Flyers LOL I used to say Lindros was a bust, and I still defend that, because when youre called the Next One, you best put up some HOF numbers and he didnt, so, boom, in my book lol

Then what fight am I thinking of? I know they squared off straight away and Claude covered up immediately because he received a rash of shit for it

Console Gaming Discussion / Re: MLB The Show 20
« on: March 26, 2020, 08:21:57 PM »
I had a run on what I call my Klan games (3 k's a game, I know, bad taste, but Im a sad player right now)

This genuinely made me laugh out loud on reading

LOL yea, gets me too

Chit Chat / Re: The Sports Vault Thread
« on: March 26, 2020, 08:20:05 PM »
That was a great time for hockey. I must say, as a Stars fan, I sorely despised the Red Wings for a long time. Especially when they were all Russians. Hey, it's a Cold War grudge, don't judge me.
I was even for Colorado, who I hated as well, but man, hard not to pull for Detroit after that nonsense.
Sad thing is, it was a great game by talented players.
People always said how Roy got demolished by Vernon. is anyone watching the same fight I did? Roy got some great shots in and sure, he got cut up, but I thought he more than held his own, easily.
Lemiuex on the other hand. How fitting he went down with a cheap shot too right?
Wasn't it the first time they met the next year where he and McCarty dropped the gloves at the opening bell but Claude turtled?

Hated it, hated it, hated it when he came to Dallas.

This is the kinda shit I used to love in the IHL Aeros, good times.

Console Gaming Discussion / Re: MLB The Show 20
« on: March 26, 2020, 03:48:06 PM »
ok, so, like I said, in no time, Id be prompted, well, I was.
It's just absurd to me, and I should add, during the rookie Showcase series, I declined the draft for four years for college, because an 18 year old in the bigs is just stupid. Even at 22, no way I should be sniffing the MLB.
That said, I was drafted by Detroit who are currently 34-73, so I guess they would have room.
But even then, Im doing terrible, worse than ever.
I had a run on what I call my Klan games (3 k's a game, I know, bad taste, but Im a sad player right now)
My average was almost below .050, seriously LOL It was for a long time bouncing around the .075 range but never got sent down.
Amongst my K games, Im managing to get a few hits here and there and am now at .140 but who knows what will happen. I also continue to make errors in LF because once your guy stops to wait on a fly ball, if he is a step out of the indicator area, he will not adjust until its too late, hence the error. So you basically get one shot at stopping correctly. I guess it gets better as you progress, at least that show I remember 18.
O and Minnesota and Detroit fields suck ass! You can even see the ball out of the pitchers hand until its beyond you because of the sunlight behind the pitcher on the backdrop.
Which is another complaint, how come every game starts in the daytime? Completely unrealistic.

Chit Chat / Re: The Life Thread
« on: March 25, 2020, 06:56:05 PM »
Well since I am a hospital Administrator, yep you could say I am working lol.  Spent the last month or so really gearing up for a storm we hope either never comes or is milder than expected.

Ah man, I completely forgot about you working in the medical industry.
My sister works as an administrator and Im worried about her. They just had their first confirmed case about three days ago.
I know you, but please stay safe as possible!

I will and thanks! We had 14 people in the local area decide it would be a good time to travel to Colorado (one of the do not travel zones) and now are all symptomatic. Fun Fun.  It will all be ok this to shall pass.

you know, I just....dont get all

Chit Chat / Re: The 2020 Song A Day Thread
« on: March 25, 2020, 06:54:55 PM »
you know some, like Ray Charles, never respected Elvis because he claims he ripped off the black man's music. What ever your opinion on the matter, that fucker could flat out sing!

I get that in the era it was easier for him than other artists like Ray Charles because of his color.  But that should not take from his ability to sing.  I personally believe Michal Jackson was a pedophile and R kelly is as well but I still sing along to Billy Jenne and I believe I can Fly.  So him copying the style and sound of ethnic music, if true, seems like a lesser crime to me.

And can a musical style be owned? That's always my beef with those that get haughty about it.

Chit Chat / Re: The Life Thread
« on: March 25, 2020, 04:32:37 PM »
I must share:
So you know I had been dealing with allergies, ear infection, full blown cold and TMJ issues since Thanksgiving of 19.
Multiple doc visits, ungodly sums of money and the like.
Well, yesterday, I went to the CVS minute clinic because I felt symptoms of an infection in my other ear, same as the other.
Since my TMJ treatments have been postponed to to the virus, I wanted to make sure there was no infection and my ENT is a twat of the highest order, so I made an appointment here.
I normally am not a germaphobe o an anxious person, but now, after being inside for a few days, and knowing the intelligence and consideration level of most people in this country, I was a bit nervous. Get in, get out and get gone.
Everything was fine, as far as I know lol but I had to wait on a couple of scripts. So I picked a part of the store close to the pharmacy where there was little traffic.
When I would see someone entering my area, I would quietly shift and shuffle the other way, keeping an eye on them. Not being rude, but very casual. Then another would appear and I would have to shift my route around another aisle, welp, there's another, back this way...
And then I got so tickled at myself because I thought, fuck, Im in a real life Pac man game! lol
Ive laughed about that shit all day.
So hopefully I got out of there with no damage. Im pretty cautious, careful of what I touched at at doc and not myself, and refrained until I was able to get home, ditch the clothes and wash my hands. Maybe overreacting, but hey ;-)

Chit Chat / Re: The 2020 Song A Day Thread
« on: March 25, 2020, 04:23:41 PM »
you know some, like Ray Charles, never respected Elvis because he claims he ripped off the black man's music. What ever your opinion on the matter, that fucker could flat out sing!

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