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Political Ranting / Straight ticket
« on: October 23, 2018, 12:43:41 PM »
Some tie ago, my dad had been appointed Judge to a vacant seat by our governor. He then ran for re election against someone who was astonishingly under qualified without the proper temperament for the job all the while making himself available to answer any and all questions from potential voters.
He lost.
He lost to a bevy of straight ticket pullers who ushered in Reagan and his era.
Once the public began presenting cases to the new judge, it was an immediate shit show. They complained loudly. The local news got involved because it was so bad. Clearly unqualified to be a judge the news would report.
No shit? Imagine that. Wonder who voted for that idiot?
As a young man who couldn't vote yet, I was broken by this instance.
When I was able to vote, I swore I would never pul a straight ticket, ever.

Fast forward to today. In my mind, if there ever was a time that legitimately endorsed voting down one line, this is certainly it.
But I still can't go straight ticket because I remember that feeling, still, and Id hate to be responsible for someone else having that same experience.
Is it better than not voting at all? Im not so sure it is, but that's another debate.
The point here? Please research the candidates on your ballot with as much as an open mind as you can muster because it matters.
Its painstaking and monotonous but its necessary.
I just completed my ballot of over 100 candidates and I hope you do too.

Console Gaming Discussion / Red Dead Redemption 2
« on: October 01, 2018, 02:48:30 PM »
2nd gameplay trailer (4:23)

Looks like my games for the year are here, with this, and considering SM....

Political Ranting / Entitlements
« on: June 28, 2018, 11:59:53 PM »
I didn't know what else to call it and its probably not what you think, but Id like opinions here.
So, I have this buddy of mine who was in the military, reserves I think, but not sure.
In any event, he is God country guns and all that jazz.

So while serving his country, he fell off of a bulldozer in Kansas and hurt his ankle. So while the VA misdiagnosis and procrastinates, his other ankle and knee gets worse for two reasons, he's a big fella and you compensate when you have an injury. Totally on board with that.
So now, he gets 50k a year, for nothin. He waves around his "disabled vet" moniker like he did a tour in Iraq and will speak out to any who will listen and to those that wont.
Now, all of this I can chalk up to personality. Ive known the guy most of my life so it isnt new to me.
On the other hand, I have cousin who served, little bit younger than this guy, was dangerously close to being sent over to the Gulf and he never utters a word about it, and not like it was a bad experience, know what I mean?
On Veterans Day, he buys a round for all military in the bar but wont acknowledge that he ever served. Big difference in these two in my eyes, and not better or worse as a person, just, personality, right?
But in my life, with all of the vets Ive known, and keep in mind, I never served, so I don't know, but a vast majority of them don't want accolades or acknowledgments, especially those who have been in combat.
I know, where is this going?

Im trying to paint a picture of what I see and how what I think might be unfair.

So, guy A, with his handicap placard and 50k a year for life, wanders around his big ranch property, works it, mowing the brush and fields, tasks that need to be done etc but, and here's the problem, despite his physical ailments, which are legit mind you, he can still get around, can function as well as many others. Parks in a handicap spot because he can, but then walks into the restaurant, no cane, no hobble, no nothin...that grates on me.
Yells at the top of his lungs about handouts and welfare and people spending his money, which is our money btw, but more on that later, and at the same time begs and boasts about everything free because he is a "disabled vet"
hey, I got some tix to the ballgame, wanna go, they were free. No, they weren't actually, they were handouts, you know, what you are vehemently against?
But, as the response goes, I served my country!
And this is where I admittedly take a potentially unfair stance, but, did you? Really? I mean serve the country? you fell off of a fucking tractor in the midwest during peace time.
And, I think to myself, that argument counters what I truly believe, which is, that anyone who enlists, is courageous. For they do not know what they may be in for; sure, they join for college but they may wind up in a desert taking enemy fire, so yea, in my book, that deserves respect.
But here I go against that belief with this guy because I know, I know the truth and it pisses me off.

So, this is murky, I know.
I feel guilty when I go to games on his free tickets, but he says, its for the military, its free and I think, yea, but guys like you aren't the intended recipients I don't think. id much rather see a vet who has seen trauma get benefits instead of you.
This was touched on earlier, but back to the handouts. Rant and rave, welfare sucks, get a job you bum.
Oh, you mean like you could?
Im a disabled vet!
Fuck you.
Then it goes, I earned this money serving my country.
50k a year, for life? You're an uneducated war monger and you get more a year than I make busting my ass?
I don't see this guy too often because we know where each other stand and its ok for a while but after about three or four hours he just wont be able to contain himself and go off, and then thats that.

Im not even sure what Im asking here. I guess, am I an asshole?

Tech Talk / Streaming platforms
« on: May 28, 2018, 03:52:03 PM »
So, I see a deal where Apple TV 4K is free with 3 months up front @ $35 per for Direct TV Now.
I currently have Direct TV Now on a trial basis and it just introduced the cloud DVR, which YouTube TV already has featured for a while now.
Currently, Im on Amazon Fire TV stick. I did that because I cut the cord and it was cheap.
Ive looked around and the Roku Stick plus seems to be the one of choice as the ATV 4K can be quite expensive at close to two bills.
However, the reviewers say, if you have the cash, the drop it on ATV as it is the better product but, most people wont have that kind of scratch and the Roku is not a big drop off from ATV, i.e., you wont miss much, and will actually have more 4K content if that's your thing.
However, if I could obtain ATV for $105, and a Roku for about $80 I think, well, I might just jump on that deal.
I did have prior ATV 2 and liked it and of course it gels with my Mac as I assume this would too.
Anyone have a thought, experience on either product yet?
Btw, Fire stick is ok, Im not overwhelmed by it, but then, I pretty much have all I need via the HBO Go which I have for free via my phone deal, Netflix and Amazon Prime. So not a lot to make me happy, although having a service like YT TV or DTVN is nice in that I get to watch the Stanley Cup Finals and NBA finals without streaming from some off hand website. Which btw, ATV would be better for as well.

Tech Talk / NAS
« on: May 25, 2018, 06:23:09 PM »
Ive been backing up to portable 1 TB drives attached to my laptop which is a pain for two reasons. One is, wear and tear on the ports because Im not always using the laptop in am optimal position, i.e. tabletop. And two is, having this thing attached via velcro to my laptop which is an extension of the first complaint.
I didn't really want to dive in deep on a NAS, but the more I look, I figure Im going to get a device for a backup, I might as well discard the portables for ev er.
Plus, I thought, if Im going to get one, I might as well get one that will allow me to convert my library of DVD's as well as use my current digital files to stream.
So, for starters, on this device, I see a LAN connection. Does that mean this ruling device will have to connect to my router via cable? That would kinda suck.
Secondly, I assume that once I use all of the space here, I would have to either, off load it somehow, delete it, or add another drive, somehow.
Can anyone enlighten me?

Chit Chat / Vinyl
« on: May 10, 2018, 07:17:02 PM »
Couldn't find another thread to throw in this topic so I started one.
Anyone here into vinyl?
Im getting back in to it for several reasons but the main reason is, to me, the art of the album has long been dead. And even furthermore, listening to an album has gone by the wayside.
When I was a kid, albums were everything. You buy one, you put it on the turntable, sit and actually listen to the music. Interpret it. Study the art, figure out what the songs meant, what is message of the record. The digital age, not so much. And I am speaking for myself here, so Im hardly suggesting this cannot be accomplished without vinyl, but it was the experience for me.
Im also not a snobby audiophile that will sit here and say vinyl sounds better. Although, it does, if you buy albums mastered from analog mixes designed for records. Recordings designed for CD's won't carry that edge but thats just logic to me, not experience. By the time CD's rolled around, I had no albums anymore.

So, for me, a listening room is in the queue and Im considering having it double as a practice area since I plan to take up guitar, again.
First time I tried, my dad bought me lessons but they were 8am on a Saturday when I was 11 years old. How many of those you think I made?
If you're in it, tell me about it.

Chit Chat / Cord cutting
« on: March 18, 2018, 10:26:18 PM »
Anyone else do it yet?
I did and its not great so far, but not for the reasons you think.
To start with, all my services were tethered (Phone, TV, net) and Id call and get promotions every six months so my bill was about 240 total.
100 for the TV with taxes.
So when I called to cancel the TV service, Uverse with ATT, I was told I could but it would be cheaper to keep the very basic $20 package (locals only, no HD no DVR) otherwise my internet would go from 40/month to 70/month and this, for 24 download speed mind you.
The guy kept telling me I have unlimited data though...and of course he didnt speak English well so it was hard for me to get this across, but that was for my phone as I was told previously. he said no, its for streaming.
So I took the deal for now and they threw in DTV Now for 10 a month for 3 months which Ill then cancel because it will blossom to 35/month.
Basically Im saving 70/month right now which isn't really what I was after.
I was hoping for a faster internet speed and to jettison tv completely.
I could upgrade to 48 download for 50 ish bucks a month but Im sitting where I am for now.
Whats your experience?

Chit Chat / 30 days of movies challenge
« on: March 08, 2018, 11:32:51 AM »
riding norms coat tails with approval ;-)
I thought I would continue our 30 day thing with movies.
Some of these will be the same or similar as the music and tv.

Day 1
A movie you are embarrassed to admit you like.

For me, its a chick flick called Steel Magnolias.
A stellar cast but Sally Field once again steals the movie in grand fashion.
This film hits all emotions and is really well done. Even if you dont tell anyone, you should check it out.

Chit Chat / Lyric interpretations
« on: March 07, 2018, 02:41:44 AM »
So, it's late and I'm on zero sleep for two days and was listening to a song that has been a favorite of mine since it was released.
We know songs are not always are purely literal translation. Example, Saturday Night Special. Not one word or instance in that story contains any ambiguity.
However, take just about any Jack White tune and you suddenly have vague interpretations and analogous lyrics.
I thought we could post lyrics that you would like another opinion on to get a fresh perspective or perhaps to solidify your own understanding.
I enjoy discussing things like this but we will see if it has legs.
I'll start with Della and the dealer by Hoyt Axton from 79 (3:18)
Seemingly light hearted and fun song...
I think the lyrics are pretty easy to understand but if not, here ya go.
I'll wait to see if anyone has input before throwing my opinion out there.

It was Della and the Dealer and a dog named Jake
And a cat named Kalamazoo.
Left the city in a pick up truck,
Gonna make some dreams come true.
Yea, they rolled out west where the wild sun sets
And the coyote bays at the moon.
Della and the Dealer and a dog named Jake
and a cat named Kalamazoo
If that cat could talk what tales he'd tell
About Della and the Dealer and the dog
as well
But the cat was cool, and he never said a mumblin word.
Down Tucson way there's a small cafe
Where they play a little cowboy tune.
And the guitar picker was a friend of mine
By the name of Randy Boone.
Yea, Randy played her a sweet love song
And Della got a fire in her eye
The Dealer had a knife and the dog had a gun
and the cat had a shot of Rye.
If that cat could talk what tales he'd tell
About Della and the Dealer and the dog
as well
But the cat was cool, and he never said a mumblin word.
Yea, the dealer was a killer,
He was evil and mean
And he was jealous of the fire in her eyes.
He snorted his coke through a century note
And swore that Boone would die.
The stage was set when the lights went out.
There was death in Tucson town.
Two shadows ran for the bar back door
And one stayed on the ground
If that cat could talk what tales he'd tell
About Della and the Dealer and the dog
as well
But the cat was cool, and he never said a mumblin word.
Two shadows ran from the bar that night
And dog and cat ran too.
And the tires got hot on the pick up truck
As down the road they flew.
It was Della and her lover and a dog named Jake
And a cat named Kalamazoo.
Left Tucson in a pick-up truck
Gonna make some dreams come true.
If that cat could talk what tales he'd tell
About Della and the Dealer and the dog
as well
But the cat was cool, and he never said a mumblin word.

Chit Chat / oh you didnt know?
« on: January 18, 2018, 12:20:38 PM »
I know we are all have useless trivial facts locked away for no reason at all, so might as well dump them here.

Ill start with this:
Harold Ramis ended up selecting Kenny Loggins to write the theme song for Caddyshack which was of course, "I'm Alright."
But did you know he originally wanted Pink Floyd to write and perform one or more songs to play over the opening and closing credits?
No? Well, now you do.
Pink Floyd had just released The Wall an declined.
Oh and as an aside, Don Rickles was originally cast as Al Czervik (Dangerfield's character) and I think he would have worked just as well.

Chit Chat / Recipe thread
« on: October 22, 2017, 05:20:30 PM »
Any of you fool around in the kitchen?
Let's see if this has legs.

I try some recipe's from Binging with Babish. He makes cuisine mentioned and used in movies and tv. I've done a few but this is my favorite so far, the sauce from the prison scene in Goodfellas

Chit Chat / Vegas tragedy
« on: October 06, 2017, 12:16:00 PM »
We were staying at the Aria which is a block over from Mandalay Bay but thankfully we had spent the day downtown.
Arriving back about ten minutes after the shooting, we saw all the cop cars but I thought it was a big drug bust or maybe a brawl, but certainly not a mass shooting.
The next morning, all day even, it was just a very somber mood in the entire town, understandably so. People were on vacation, but not in a festive mood, essentially shock. That part of the strip was shut down, it was very barren, almost post apocalyptic. The experience was almost surreal.
It saddens me greatly because it's people just like you and I, out looking to love life and enjoy themselves and suddenly so many families are affected forever. Could have been any one of us.
No real point to this post other than to express my heartache.

Chit Chat / Re watch bin
« on: July 31, 2017, 01:18:49 PM »
Perhaps this could've stayed in the TV thread so merge if need be, but Im curious, what are you re watch shows? The ones that maintain your interest again and again?
Annually, Ill either continue, or start over, in random order with these...

The Sopranos - just so much information and ambiguity here, truly stellar storytelling that never gets old.
The Wire - Most dont like it because they deem it too slow, which I did also. I began this show, was about two to three depisodes deep, then quit. Took me over a year to get back to it but my only regret was that it took me so long. Again, just a wonderful series with depth beyond most.
Deadwood - My favorite genre. id offer up one bit of info, Ive heard many people say they are turned off by the modern vulgar language in the show and that it didnt exist back then. While true, there is a reason for it; in that time, foul language back then is quite time and has zero efect on people today, hence the modern cursing because the creators wanted the language to be as shocking as it was then to show the characteristics and demeanor of the people who used such language. Anyway, fyi...
The Shield - I actually just watched this the first time this year. I really enjoyed it, but we will see if it makes it into the rewatch rotation full time. Certainly a wonderful ending.
Band of Brothers - enough said

I usually have one heavy thought provoking show running and then a lighter one to offset things when I need it and thats where these come in;
-All in the Family. Brash, bigoted, loving and hilarious. Talk about exploding through a new creative wall, well, here you go. Nothing like it since and no way you could get away with this material today. Its also a great look at where we were as a society back in the 70's.
-Dick Van Dyke - this guy is a comedic genius and I would stack him up against anyone, he is that good. The cast is wonderfully connected and the idea is a home run, revolves around a writer for a variety TV show and his family. Clean comedy that transcends time. They hit on topics that are still relevant to this day. Incredible foresight.
-Cheers - Live vicariously through these beer sponges at their favorite tavern. One liners, retired pro ball playing womanizer, pseudo intellectual and biting wit from all corners, and, dont forget it spawned Frasier.
-The Office. did you really think Id leave this one off?

Whats say you?

Baseball / 2017 Season
« on: July 07, 2017, 07:32:43 PM »
Can I just say that watching the Astros build from the ashes of three consecutive 100 loss seasons to this team of contenders is quite awesome

Console Gaming Discussion / Uncharted 4
« on: June 07, 2016, 12:10:22 PM »
Picked this up a week ago, played first chapter very sparingly. Looks great, plays great so far.
I imagine this will take me quite a while to complete, so I'll update occasionally

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