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Author Topic: The TV thread  (Read 61068 times)

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Re: The TV thread
« Reply #375 on: February 12, 2021, 01:49:23 PM »
Search Party

You know how you say to yourself, these characters are awful, when watching a mob movie or the like?
In Search Party, these people are awful! I mean, vapid, shallow, selfish vile creatures.
This is among the newer genre of today, cringe comedy if you will, and it is every bit just that, cringe.

When I think satire in tvland, I think All in the Family featuring an over the top character that is meant to house feelings and views of many viewers, however, there is a grounded reality and believability because that's how he reaches the audience.
These fuckers? Sheesh.
It is so absurd that...well, wait a sec, I was going to say that noone would act like these guys but based on the last couple of years, I guess I have to take that back.
However, that doesn't diminish the outlandish nature possessed by this gaggle of friends.
So, Dory (Alia Shawkat) muddles through her lost rudderless existence with no purpose. In a sexless or at the very least, odd, sexual relationship with Drew (John Reynolds) she pours herself in to her routines and one day she sees a "Missing" poster of a college acquaintance which grabs her in an unsettling way. Barely knowing her, Dory is drawn i to try to find out where Chantal (Clare McNulty) has disappeared to, and why.
Her immediate group of Drew, Portia (Meredith Hagner) and Elliott (John Early) are dismissive of the entire situation, but they endure Dory because why not?
Portia is an actress who is narcissistic and saturated with selfishness to an alarming degree and is by far one of the most shallow characters you might ever venture across. Meanwhile, Elliott, who shares an apartment with Portia (btw, how do these guys get such nice digs in NYC while being bums?) is gay, outlandish, full of himself and quite outspoken. He will go wherever the winds take him. Whatever gets him the most adoration, he's down.
Dory continues her quest as it gives her purpose but in doing so, she alienates herself from Chantal's family because of what she thinks she knows.
Her friends however, begin to invest in the fun. they take this on more as a parlor game rather than an actual real life situation,which is certainly on par for them.
Search Party is 4 seasons, thus far. I dont know anything about it, if this is the end, if there's more or what. I didnt know anything about when I found it, and still don't. I noticed it was highly rated on RT and I wanted something to watch that was interesting.
This, wasnt interesting.
That isn't to say it isn't fun to watch or that it cant be addicting, because it is and it can be.
Each season is a distinct part of the story. I know, you say, well, duh. But, I cant really divulge anything here, but let's do it this way...not a lot of time passes during each season and not a lot, if any, passes between seasons.

During the run, there are indeed some good story arcs that show thought and reason, but then, the very next step, we are in Wile E. Coyote land with such a preposterous scenario, it just leaves you gaping at the screen with your mouth open.
At some point the show tries to take itself really serious and it just detaches everything, like really? Now? Youre going to pull this shit now?
It's absolute mayhem as far as continuity and logic are concerned. But, I guess since it's really cringe, they don't care. Maybe that is supposed to be the viewers leap of faith, or suspension of disbelief.
Beyond that, the characters are rich and vibrant and full of vigor and all of them have some really laugh out loud moments at some points.
There is a coherence to the long term arc and you do have to watch all four seasons to get there. I deeply suspect there's more to come based on the ending of S4.
This show involves, comedy (dark, cringe) mystery thriller and shades of horror even.
You absolutely cannot take any aspect of this show seriously on any level and if you go in knowing that, you will have a good time.

Ill have to spoiler these, but know that there are some salient scenes worthy of appraisal IMO
Spoiler: show
After Dory is arrested, she is confronted in the interrogation room and she refuses to fall for the threats and repeats multiple times, lawyer. I just shouted YES! Thank you Jeebus! Finally!
And to balance that, later we see Portia interrogated who does the same thing initially, but it so stylishly and effortlessly shows how her weak character and a cunning officer can manipulate the situation and the witness. Then later, she is used at trial against her friends.
I just thought this was a perfect technique to demonstrate just how those situations can and usually do unfold.

I loved that Drew was a half a step away from getting away clean early on

The cop who accidentally murders the FBI informant shows how corruption and self preservation by those in power can lead to innocents in jail.

Give it a look. At only 23 minutes an episode, you can blow through this thing in no time.

Search Party (Season 1)

So, I'd been reading about the show since it's debut on TBS or so, and had read really good things although often saw it referred to as "very millenial" or, in one review, literally "painfully millenial," so I knew I was in for....something.

And, dear lord, it IS painfully millenial, I really wasn't prepared for just HOW cringe it gets. But I love cringe! And I love ANXIETY. So I wasn't the test subject for this, my fiancee was.

She HATES Curb Your Enthusiasm. She HATED Uncut Gems (fully for the non-stop anxiety-inducing antics of Howard). So, I wasn't sure how this was going to play for her.

She absolutely loves this show. It IS a ridiculous show for sure, and if you're the kind of person to go "No one would behave like that" or "There's no way you could get away with this," it may not be the show for you. Search Party is much more about tone (and, dear god, what a BIZARRE tone it is. There's a scene played 100% seriously at the end of the first season, with at least four characters crying, with the camera spinning around them, but in the context of everything it's just the most ridiculous, insincere moment for at least one of them).

The amount of times in the first season alone where we'd either just be mouth agape, or doing the hide your face "oh god no why are they doing that" type of deal (Drew's hallway "argument" with his neighbor was a particularly uncomfortable moment, but those just keep on coming in this show) was absurd, but that's just kind of the show it is.

I know bits and pieces about the seasons. I know season 3 is a legal drama, season 4 is a kidnapper bit (although, I know what you're referencing regarding continuity and logic Crewe, and I'm curious to see how that'll play for me when I see it/how it'll lead into Season 5, considering the show was just renewed). We're 2 episodes into Season 2 and I'm getting Twin Peaks vibes (season 2 is the season I know the least about), but enjoying it so far.
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Re: The TV thread
« Reply #376 on: February 12, 2021, 02:36:33 PM »
Sounds like we are on the same page lol
That's what I was hoping to at least get across, that you cant take it seriously and if you can ascend over that note, you'll have a good time.
Incidentally, the Uncut Gems reference...I liked the film too, although, seeing an anxiety ridden show like that as my norm, I probably wouldnt sign up.

Back to search party, keep me posted; I wanna hear what you think about the rest of it  :popcorn:

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Re: The TV thread
« Reply #377 on: February 21, 2021, 03:25:21 PM »
The Sinner
Bill Pullman

Three seasons of eight episodes a season with one case per season.
Youre familiar with the adage good, better, best?
The Sinner operates in a backward fashion with regards to their seasons meaning it goes best, better....crappy.

Bill Pullman is a police detective who finds him self always seeking more in a case, or in other words, seeing what's under the surface to a case everyone else sees as open and shut.
Season 1 we get Jessica Biel, who is also EP for all three seasons, who commits cold blooded murder in front of witnesses on a beach.
From the very beginning we are given quick flashes of of the past, but of course we have no idea what it means. The storytelling mode is backwards, or, reveal as you go kind of thing. We are supposed to be putting together pieces the same as our protagonist and it is directed well enough to work, for two seasons.
Pullman's character does have a slow burn 3 series arch which is interesting and while seasons one and two were good, they just tried to go next level on three and missed. I wont see completely because it was actually a good idea, straddling normalcy and madness, question what is and isnt, but they just could not find a good way to demonstrate the third act IMO.
I wasnt going to watch the third because of the reviews, but, decided why not, only 8 episodes, go wtih it.
It wasnt the worst thing Ive ever seen by far but its just not on par with the first two.
Give it a go...

Archive pull...Road House

This movie just gets worse and worse every single time I see it and it's freakin awesome.

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Re: The TV thread
« Reply #378 on: February 25, 2021, 05:01:03 PM »
Search Party Seasons 2-4

So just to see this thing through and get some quick thoughts out, we finished up the rest of the series a bit ago. Seasons 2 and 3 are pretty much in sync with season 1, as the events of that season lead into and inform the events of those two seasons. All-in-all, I was very happy with them, season 2 probably being the highlight for me (and probably the darkest season of all four).

Season 3 was a bit of a genre change and provided some delightful moments (Elliott's lawyer, as played by Chelsea Peretti) and down moments (as Crewe pointed out in the spoilers above, there are mirrored scenes early in season 3 with Dory and Portia, and the Portia part is just so heartbreaking to watch).

Season 4's probably the biggest break, with a pretty out-there concept (that takes from multiple Stephen King stories, but mainly Misery) and the group split up. I think I liked this season the least out of all four, as it seems the most disconnected from what we've seen so far, which isn't a bad thing, just an adjustment. That being said, the ending isn't quite as ambiguous as I had been lead to believe. It's very reminiscent of the penultimate episode of
Spoiler: show
Bojack Horseman
, so I don't think the continuity is destroyed, but I imagine it'll have a large effect on the character involved.

Regardless, a very good show, highly worth a recommendation. At 10 episodes a season, about 22-23 minutes per episode, it's a pretty quick watch (especially during quarantine), but very rewarding.



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