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March Madness

Started by Crewe, March 30, 2024, 08:38:33 PM

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So UH dipped out in the sweet 16 again. Would have loved to see how it would have gone if our guy didn't sustain an injury. Anyhow, go, whoever plays Duke.

I am so tired of announcers calling assists "dimes."
It makes no damn sense. If you are referring to the age old analogy of ratting someone out, as in dropping a dime into a payphone and calling the heat, how does that apply?
It can't be referring to a good looking all that leaves, to my mind, is a pass being so accurate, it could hit a dime.
Basketball passes by and large are not accurate. There's a pass two feet over his head but he jumped up, caught it, and then gets two...what a dime.
Go f*&! yourself.

Is it just me, or are the studio goons just that uneducated? I don't listen much, but when I do, I wonder if English is their first language. The women are almost worse. Right?  ::)


Bama made the first ever final 4. Cant believe it. Waited my whole life for this.

We had about 4 teams capable of it in my life.
Last years team I swear would have went.
There was that team in the 87 that lost to Providence, (OUCH)
1990 Losing to LMU


I saw that, they werent even supposed to get to 16 and here they are lol


Quote from: Crewe on April 02, 2024, 11:55:12 AMI saw that, they werent even supposed to get to 16 and here they are lol

Yeah i figured UNC was our last game.

Last year I thought we had a final 4 team.  This year Oats had to hire a new staff and reload on players.