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Title: MLB The Show 21
Post by: Crewe on April 12, 2021, 05:08:09 PM
I was able to pick up a PS5 not long ago and MLB is driving force behind that move.
Normally, I just dont get in to the feature videos and all that, but this time I did for some reason and I think Im sorry.
Primarily an RTTS guy, it appears, if I understand the revamped system correctly, gone are the days of progressing attributes of your player.
They want Diamond Dynasty to be the end all for this series and this was step one in phasing out RTTS.
Your created guy can span RTTS and DD, but with that, you can now only progress to 50 in all categories.
Beyond that, you have loadouts you use that are good for one game at a time. Those equal the other 49 attribute points somehow.
Now, like I say, if I undestand correctly, waht happens is, say you want to be Barry Bonds one game and just crush homers all night. Well, pick the appropriate load out.
You wanna bunt single and fly around the bases? Choose that load out. Wanna be a gold glover? Be that guy.
So basically, you are an elite five tool athlete now without having to work at it.
Arcade style just evicerated RTTS and I could not be more displeased.
Title: Re: MLB The Show 21
Post by: BojackHorsefella on April 12, 2021, 06:01:14 PM
Sounds like I should keep playing MLB 19.

This kind of explains the push to have The Show 21 on XBox Game Pass, if they're going for this monetization heavy style (seems to be the way all sports games are going, although we see how Madden 22's "renewed focus on Franchise" works out).
Title: Re: MLB The Show 21
Post by: Crewe on April 12, 2021, 06:17:28 PM
Ill let you know how it goes since I already purchased it before learning of all these new features lol
I dont know what game pass is but I know they are trying to bring in casual gamers on both next gen systems while still satisfying the DD guys.

I thought about Madden 22 the other day. What's the outlook there? I really need a football game.
NCAA wont be back until at least 23 I think I read.
Last Madden game I played was 09, I keep hoping they improve enough for me to buy one but every year I read that it's still shit.
Title: Re: MLB The Show 21
Post by: TheNorm on April 13, 2021, 05:19:12 PM
...and here I was thinking about picking up MLB 21 because I had heard there would be a stadium creator in the game - I just know someone creative enough will create all the classics (including Tiger Stadium) in their glory.

But yeah, RTTS is typically my go to. If they're gonna butcher that I can just stick with 19...or was it 20? I can't remember, one of them was one of the free PS+ games.

Now that I think about it, I didn't even get past the first season of my RTTS guy in that one. I can probably skip again lol.
Title: Re: MLB The Show 21
Post by: TheNorm on April 13, 2021, 05:22:10 PM
I thought about Madden 22 the other day. What's the outlook there? I really need a football game.
NCAA wont be back until at least 23 I think I read.
Last Madden game I played was 09, I keep hoping they improve enough for me to buy one but every year I read that it's still shit.

Honestly, the most football I've played the last couple years is NCAA'14. Still plays a great game of football and recruiting is a fun challenge.
Title: Re: MLB The Show 21
Post by: Crewe on April 13, 2021, 06:09:56 PM
Ill post here about the game. I red some other input that makes me think Ive interpreted things incorrectly, so lets hope!
Title: Re: MLB The Show 21
Post by: TheNorm on April 14, 2021, 02:45:34 AM
Gonna have to live vicariously through you, since I just read that the stadium creator feature is only available on the next gen consoles. Oh well.
Title: Re: MLB The Show 21
Post by: Crewe on April 14, 2021, 11:24:33 AM
I forgot about that.
Im sure Ill tinker with it, but if it cant be used in RTTS, Im not sure where Id use it because Im not an online player
Title: Re: MLB The Show 21
Post by: Crewe on April 16, 2021, 02:00:03 PM
ok, so the first glaring problem Ive noticed was no Sounds of the Show for the PS5 and all other next gen consoles.
It is still available on the PS4 however.
Thats pisses me off more than any other thing ever will. It was a huge part of my enjoyment, and all this to gain some Xbox casuals  ::)

I only played a few games of RTTS, however, everything looks cleaner, and action is much tighter. Seems like controls are much more responsive.
Dabbled with the stadium creator for a few minutes but couldnt really grasp it yet, or what features can utilize it.
But they give you 30 designed stadiums which you can alter to your hearts content, plus they give you a blank canvas to start with you if you want.
Name the stadium, city location, capacity and even seat color.

I dont like the new menu, there was nothing wrong with the old one.
Its not counter intuitive, just not necessary.

No SOTS means listening to their god awful 12 songs on repeat for the rest of my fucking life.

Ill probably take a look at the March to October feature before long, and maybe franchise just to see what it is, but I normally dont.

Title: Re: MLB The Show 21
Post by: BojackHorsefella on April 16, 2021, 05:18:32 PM
I remember the old EA college baseball game on PS2 (oh yeah) had a stadium creator. Naturally I made my outfield walls WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to far out. Corrected the problem later by making them WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too far in, because balance is important.
Title: Re: MLB The Show 21
Post by: Crewe on April 17, 2021, 11:09:04 AM
lol Its so tempting to make another green monster.

So heres the deal on SOTS.
If I understand correctly, Microsoft has a bug up its ass about music licensing, so no music on Xbox.
therefore no SOTS on Xbox. And since SDS has such a hard on for the XBox casuals, they had to remove it from the PS5 MLB 21 game.
However, MLB 21 SOTS still works on PS4 because it doesnt cross paltform game against the Xbox.
And if you have a PS5, MLB 20 still utilizes SOTS.
So there ya go.
Fuckin Microsoft. Dont we have a middle finger emoji?
Title: Re: MLB The Show 21
Post by: Crewe on April 18, 2021, 11:30:11 PM
ok, so after another stint;

I solved part of the SOTS issue, which is listening to their 10 o so songs over and over. DL spotify on PS5 and theres your music.
However, I dont like it when Im in the actual game.
So you can turn off music in the game which is what I did, I let Spotify play while Im tinkering around in the menus, stats and the like.
When I get to the game screen, I just pause Spotify via my phone (which is how Im connected, and all the normal game sounds are still there.
Better than having to pause the game, go to PS5 home screen, bring up Spotify and pause.
I still miss my chants and cheers and yells that I worked so hard on over the last few yearrs. Editing movie quotes and putting them in to the game, editing songs to play your walkups or HR music was just too much fun and I had a litany of them.
When Im at bat sometimes, I just imagine a few of my favorite clips playing like, "you play ball like a GIRL!" Or, "you're gonna loooose, youuuuu stink"
And of course, "you start using your head, thats that lump thats three feet above your ass"
I really miss SOTS. But maybe Ill get used to it.
Maybe SDS will cave to their original true fans and note all the complaints and fuck Microsoft and put the feature back in the game.

Ok, so, loadouts. Heres the thing.
All your attributes can be increased up to 50 instead of 99 like before. Now to get beyond 50 in any attribute, you need to use loadouts.
In your ballplayer screen, you set up your LO. There's a  a main perk with two minor ones, and they all affect different attributes, positively and negatively.
For instance, as my main, I chose Speed, which of course bumps up speed and base stealing say 5 points. But it drops, I think in my case, reaction three points.
My first minor perk is contact (there are different levels Contact 1, 2, 3 etc) which boosts that a few points but dings me in the power category.
Another I chose power, but discovered it affected my contact like negative 6. Im too poor a hitter to give up that much contact.
So there is some strategy to it and you can have more than one LO and you get to select before each game.
In my initial thought I said, so you can be a gold glover one game, Babe Ruth the next and so on.
Obviously that isnt true, however, you can focus on those attributes in different loadouts, you just have to balance it with what will be negatively affected.
The other perks, like pre game ritual, special cleats etc are all still there too and I see the LO as just an extension of that feature.
Now that Ive tinkered with it, I dont hate it as much, but I am also only ytwo months in to a career so I dont know how it will play out in the long run. I dont even know if there's a limit as to how many LO's you can create.

Ok, now, stadium creator.
Finally played with this today. They have a tutorial, which is boring for me, so i spent a longer more frustrating amount of time figuring it out on my own cuz Im smart like that 🙄
Once you get used to it, it actually is kinda fun.
They start you out with 30 ballparks. That is 30 saved slots for you, meaning you can edit any of those 30 included stadiums and save it as your new one. It is just a base so you dont have to create from the ground up.
But, if you want to do that, one of those 30 is a bare bones park, with a batters eye in CF and thats it, you can add whatever you want from there.
The elements you have to play with are quite plentiful and diverse. From seating stands, to ballpark dimensions, fence height, concession stands, scoreboards, ballpark backdrop (city, rural, desert etc)\
Add trees, hills, lights, speakers, flagpoles, animals, statues, water slides, infield dirt, grass, mowing get the idea.
I created my first one today.
And here's the cool thing.
So, Im in Double A playing for the Tennessee Smokies. After you save your stadium, you can replace any stadium at any level, so now, the Smokies have a new stadium as of 2021.

Lets see, what else?
So some in game stuff...
There is a route to the ball meter which suggests the best angle to the ball. If you go outside the route, haptic feedback. Matter of fact, theres a lot of haptic feedback instances in 21, kinda nice. That isnt to say that if you veer off the route you wont be able to make the play, you still certainly can make the play
You can set it where it will take you exactly to where the ball will land, or you can set it to where it sends you to a smaler general area whre you have to guess...not guess, but decide for yourself where the ball will land.
Icons have changed with regard to outfield play which was badly needed.
You can decide to go for a ball close to the wall, or you can play it safe and play the bounce off the wall. And, when your player plays the bounce, he doesnt twist and rotate if you need to just move a step or three like in 20; next thing you know, you are turned around all the ball has bounced past you costing you bases. its a more realistic animation getting yourself in to postiion to make the play.
Also, the icons make more sense now allowing you to planyour rob HR jump better. Its basically three stacked green arrows lighting up at the wall and you time it when the third arrow lights.
So all of that is much much better.
In RTTS, specifically the outfield, if a ball is hit over your head, you cant, or at least I cant, most times, find it, so the route to the ball helps greatly.

The analog pitching is more responsive and the pitches break much more accurately.

I will rarely blame a sports game for their announcing features as it must be impossible to field something that wont be repetitive at some point.
That said, MLB continues to do a great job in that regard, its an entertaining listen even when you are being chastised.
If youre like me, you'll turn it off soon, but I may not now because that was the void SOTS filled for me, one of em anyway.

Diamond Dynasty.
Ive played this a little bit on 20, just to see what the hell it was in prep for 21. Now Ive fieldd a team.
You create uniforms, logos, name, the whole thing. Use the vault to find tons of community logos or upload your own although I havent tried it and I dont know if there are any trademark issues, but I did see some D1 school logos in there so...🤷🏻
Ill omit online because I dont intend to go that far...maybe I will one day, but not now.
After you create your team, you draft players and perks in a 12 round draft. The cool thing is its current players, old players, dead players, anybody really. And throughout the DD run, you keep upgrading guys, or at least getting who you want.
There are a few categories within DD and Im not sure what they all are yet, but there is a single player section which Ive tried so far.
For instance, you go through four instances (which is really the game teaching you how DD works.)
So my first thing was, complete four tasks to get whatever reward, which is usually more draft picks or players, perks, equipment etc.
Face the Dodgers in the bottom of the ninth in a tied game, win it without going in to extras. Its automatically at rookie setting, you get a guy on third, pretty easy.
For all four of mine, it stayed on rooke. Once I moved beyond that, it was veteran, which I havent tried, but I dont know if it keeps progressing like that or not.
The game is full of instances like that. Play real moments in history, play challenges in DD and like I said, there seem to be at least some single player DD options.
And you always get your created team, unis, and whatever stadium you choose, created or otherwise.
So I can see how it an be fun and honestly Ill probably try it just as a break from RTTS.

I havent looked at March to October yet, but I doubt anything has changed.
You start your run by picking a team from a category like longshots, wild cards, contenders, heavy contenders etc.
Then the game will give you a projected number of wins to achieve. It will simulate to key moments and you try to win, duh, in order to create momentum and keep winning. Sometimes they put you in late game situations where you are pitching out of a jam in the 7th and regardless of what happens. You still finish the game playing offense and defense.
Sometimes it will select a player lok and you be that guy for a game in order to get him on a hot streak. Might be a pitcher or fielder.
You manage the team via a few screens like trae management. Select players to target for trades. Select guys you are willing to trade, or guys you want to hold on to no matter what. And you can trade all leves, A, AA, AAA, MLB.
Now the "bad thing" is that you can obviously trade away potential A rated players who are 24, or 25 for a 30 year old stud.
The trade logic is reasonable, but what isnt is that obviously, there are no consequences for such actions because its a one year eal.
The caveat is, no matter how the season turns out, you can just end it, or you will have to option to continue in franchise mode, in which case, all decisions you made will affect your teams future.
So, I did this with 20 and it was a fun little thing to do.

Thats about all I comment on right now. Ill keep updating as warranted.

Title: Re: MLB The Show 21
Post by: Crewe on May 02, 2021, 12:25:19 AM
Just a quick positive note....

First year AA - hit about .235.
Starting tearing it up in my second year, headed to the All Star game, but a week prior, I get bumped up to AAA. I was hitting .360 in AA, but the second half in AAA? About .245 lol
Both years, invited to Spring Training, but sent down at seasons start.
Third year in triple A (Still not a full AAA season yet) and its been tough. Seriously, one hit in my first! Not only that, THREE executive klan games.
Im about three weeks in now, but my overall point is, in 20 and previous, Id be in the Show, hitting .300 in a year and a half.
This is much more realistic.

Oh and that reminds me; in previous versions, you had the showcase games prior to the draft and the scout day...all that is gone. I dont miss it really, but what I do miss is the ability to pass on the draft and progress as a player while staying in college.
A 22-23 year old MLB rookie is a LOT more believable than some 18 year old tearing up The Show.