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Video Gaming General / Which game
« on: November 18, 2015, 03:43:42 PM »
should I buy?
I'm looking for one.  It seems I always think a game will be good but then when it is released, reviews are meh.
So, that said, strike any game that is online only/. I know this is the big thing now, but not me.
*Edit to add, something like a golf game online would be acceptable as its a more controlled experience.
Doesnt really matter which genre.
Keep in mind, doesnt have to be really new since I don't buy often.
Just cant get into the Batman games, doesnt work for me....I know, Im the only one.
I hear the soccer is really good, but I doubt I would get full enjoyment out of that as much as I do say, baseball or football, when there was a football game.
Ones I was intersted in hearing about upon release but never followed up on were;
Mad Max, NHL, UFC, NBA, WWE, MGS, Fallout and all the other FPS, I think there was another COD or two?
Or, is there something coming up I need to wait for?

Other Sports / MMA
« on: November 16, 2015, 01:06:03 AM »
Anyone follow?
UFC yesterday prompted this thread.
I guess id be classified as a casual follower in that I follow the sport and understand basics but get lost when you get overly scientific about the sport.
I add this in regards to Rousey. Most know she tore through her division, destroying all comers. I was always impressed but felt it wouldnt be so easy v a good striker and/or all round athlete. Thats why i bet on Tate and lost. Kaufman and lost. McMann...lost...Carmouche? Lost.
I didnt know a lot about Holm just that she was a world champion boxer prior to MMA.
Saw a few fights, not impressed, didnt bet on her...and lost my chance lol
Many reveled in her being compketely dismantled ala Silva. I, honestly couldnt believe it because she owned everything. However, you had to know she was due. Way overexposed, hypocritical comments, inflammatory stances, poor sportsmanship and petulance all part of her come uppance.
The MMA world is curiously awaiting her first public appearance since her iconic beatdown....this could bury her forever or reinvent herself.

Pro Football / Lock of the week
« on: October 29, 2015, 01:19:12 AM »
Lets see if we can run this week to week.
Seriously, if you were in dire circumstances and had one hail mary...say $10k and decided to lay it down...who gets your bet?
Lets go with and without the spread.

Baseball / 2014 season
« on: August 20, 2014, 07:45:44 PM »
Astros are not in last place…just saying...

Video Gaming General / Mad Max
« on: June 29, 2014, 07:55:23 PM »

Video Gaming General / PS4 or XBox One
« on: June 25, 2014, 05:00:42 PM »
ok first things first.  I said in another thread that it would likely be 4 years before I entered the next gen territory so allow me to re address that briefly.
I had a good month.

Now, I'm considering buying one of these two and Ive read about them a little but wanted more input based on my perceptions and likes when it comes to a new system.
We've all seen the snappy XBox one commercials with all the media integration and while it's a cool advance in technology, I say, so what?
I don't want to watch tv while I play video games, I have a DVR for that. 
Streaming, as in streaming your music through or to the system, I don't care about that either.  I've got Apple TV for that, plus, all the music I want in my system is going to be on the hard drive anyway.
For Netflix, Amazon and the like?  Well…meh.  I mean when Amazon Prime was only on PS3 I rarely ever used it and even then only did it just because it was there.  Again, I use other devices for that purpose.
Kinect? I see no use for this at all.

The guts of the 2 systems seems like it will even out although Sony has the edge, so sayeth reviewers, in the graphics dept.  However, much to my surprise, one reviewer did bring up the first thought that came to my mind when I saw that, which was, would you notice the difference if they weren't right next to each other?  Not likely.  So thats a minimal advantage for me when considering a purchase.
There was also a bit about the billybox being compatible to the higher end wireless tech specs and Sony was on the old.  I don't know how that would affect me though.
The exclusive game war doesn't mean a whole lot to me. Im not going to let the availability of a certain game have any impact on my decision, so you can throw that "deciding factor" out the window.
I read the PS4 has much quicker load times and that the Xbox already has consistent booting issues, and their history does concern me somewhat Ill admit.
There was also something about Sony not recognizing mp3's as of now but that it will be a  future fix.  That might be a little bit of a pain so it might matter a bit.
What else?
I see the XBox has the HDMI in and outs whereas the PS4 only has the out.  I assume that's for the pass through for media integration ala TV feed, but like I noted earlier, doesn't really capture my interest.
I like the look of the PS4 better, but then I always have.  Minimal factor though.
To me, seems PS4 is designed more towards gaming and XBox is more towards a media experience.

That's all I can recall, so give me your input and correct my misinterpreted views.
I know Ive minimalized some of the features so enlighten as to how they may be used for instances Im not seeing, such as what might be used for what feature in the future etc...

Oh, and know this too, I freakin HATE Windows!!!  And I know the interface for the XBox is supposedly all Windows Desktop looking and sorta difficult to move around and if thats the case, Ill dump that turd out of contention right now.

Console Gaming Discussion / MLB 14 The Show
« on: May 09, 2014, 11:39:39 PM »
so norm, to pick up where we left off….
After you pointed it out, I tried the dynamic setting and it worked pretty well, for a while, then, disaster struck as I entered the legend level.
At one point I struck out 10 out of 16 AB's.
I was injured for two months entering the IR with a 350 BA (it was still relatively early in the season) and by seasons end it was 285. 
Keep in mind, I played out of the box which is Veteran and was just destroyed at this level, which I guess is the point.
What my problem is, even on veteran level, is the stride. it just seems odd when you pull the stick back t begin your stride, then having to hold it for a split second or two before swinging. One fluid motion feels much more intuitive to me and you can get away with that on Veteran level, but at Legend level? Nope.  The stride matters…a lot. As it should I guess.
Pitch type is almost impossible to pick up and even determining if the pitch is in the zone or not is abundantly more difficult.
The good thing is, it is much more representative of real baseball.  You have half a second to determine if you are going to swing or not and timing is everything.
For the first time ever, I'm playing an entire Spring Training to try to get a handle on this Legend level but I don't see it happening.
This will be my third full season in the bigs and hopefully I can adapt.
FYI, I think I said Id post my slider tweaks so here ya go.  It's minimal.
CPU pitcher consistency (it might be pitcher control - its the one that says might allow more wild pitches) set to zero
CPU pitcher strike frequency - set to zero
And thats all I do and basically it's to help draw walks because in my experience, even working the count, without tweaking these settings, you'll almost never daw a walk, even if your a two strike hitter adept at 7 or 8 pitch at bats.

In the meantime, I need to get back to my pitcher too….

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