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Author Topic: Cheating in sports  (Read 305 times)

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Cheating in sports
« on: September 08, 2020, 01:44:28 PM »
This post stems from quite a few instances but I just wanted to get thoughts on the subject.
For instance, the Astros cheated, period.
But, even acknowledging that fact still somehow bars you from discussing any other teams potential dishonesty.
I get hit with the "cheating is cheating is cheating" thing frequently. And fine, that's all well and good, but how come no one even gives a hint of interest to evidence of others participating as well? you know what happens then? You get hit with "stop trying to deflect" or "own up to it" and it's childish and close minded.
So it's with those "cheating is cheating is cheating" people in mind that I always try to discuss other examples, even in other sports.
First, allow me to say I think most of these types of people, and when I say most, I mean like 99% (including crusading sports writers) are the guys that were picked last for kickball in grade school and that was the height of their sports achievements.
Secondly, for my purposes here, we will do away with all euphemistic language such as gaining an edge, doing whatever it takes and the like and we will simply call it what it is, cheating.

When I was growing up, I remember Raider great Fred Biletnikoff being covered in stickum. Didn't seem to bother anyone else and lord knows he wasn't hiding it, at least until the clear stickum arrived.
There are stories by players about league wide use of stickum by receivers and defensive secondaries alike, not to mention the all time great, Jerry Rice.
Lineman used to place foreign objects in their arm pads and tape to knock their opponent silly, used tacks in gloves to be able to grip defensive lineman better, and later it was silicone and lord knows what else. It's like they were taking notes while watching wrestling.
Chances are way over 95% that some of these guys were on your favorite teams. Probably even one of your all time heroes for that matter.
Baseball has cheaters going back forever. I mean the shot heard round the world, one of the games greatest moments, cheater.
Just an absurd amount of allegations backed up with evidence over the years of someone in center field stealing signs and relaying to the hitter and sometimes even cameras, even back in the 80's.
Astros great Mike Scott said in his book the Mets used a camera to steal signs. He added that people like to attach a morality to it, but it's not like that, you just want to win. I'm paraphrasing but still.
Just as an aside and as a baseball fan, I learned this at a young age, cheating is accepted. I even bring this up to people today.
Hitter A is in the box, a runner is on second base, steals a sign and relays the forth coming pitch to the batter.
Hitter B is in the box and the sign is stolen from the catcher and relayed to the hitter via a bang on a trash can.
Hitter A and hitter B both know what pitch is coming.
Don't give me this shit about technology. Hey, a cheater is a cheater is a cheater, right?
Players all talk about it, have always talked about it. Most everyone does it, most everyone will always do it.

I just shake my head when people pull the old Rafael Palmeiro finger wag on me, shame shame shame they say.
Like it or not, your team cheats, your favorite players cheat, your heroes likely cheat.
Boxers cheat, hockey players cheat, lacrosse players cheat,. It's sports. Athletes cheat.
Get over it and stop being so high and mighty you kickball reject.



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