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Fantasy Leagues / Re: MNCAA discussion
« on: March 12, 2022, 09:22:26 PM »
oh crap, completely forgot about this, I need to check it out.

Chit Chat / Re: The TV thread
« on: March 12, 2022, 09:21:00 PM »
Ive been on a documentary tear as late trying to clear out my queue.
Serial killers, cults, injustice, con men, scammers, corruption, the mob, street gangs, cartels, societal ills, nutrition, old west, Ive been scouring through it all. If you have something to suggest, lemme hear it.

Chit Chat / Re: The Movies Thread
« on: March 12, 2022, 09:18:06 PM »

In honor of having an upcoming baseball season, I watched 42 today.
Terrific acting by Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford, as well as Nicole Beharie.
Such an emotional story that needs to be told, and honestly, should be mandatory viewing by every American today, regardless if they are a baseball fan or not.
While the liberties taken are truly poetic license and sometimes, slightly overdone, the overall message and emotion cannot be overstated.
As for baseball realism, there are far worse baseball movie actions. And while I doubt a third baseman in 1947 would pirouette and throw a rope to first base, it still doesnt seem out of place here.
Watch this film, again.

Pro Football / Re: 2022 Pro Football Thread
« on: March 12, 2022, 09:04:37 PM »
The way the world is running now? It honestly would surprise me if they didnt win

Chit Chat / Re: The Life Thread
« on: March 12, 2022, 09:01:01 PM »
So uh, things are a little unhinged lately, eh? How's everybody doing?

Honestly, Ive checked out. Im tryin to evict everything negative in my life that I can and that includes social media, news and anything where comments are allowed.
Im old and while working on myself for a while, I am now working towards acceptance. To what you ask?
Everything. I just want to be at peace and ready. And whatever it is, I dont want it preceded by an exhibition of the self absorbed greedy uncultured uneducated rednecks that have run amok and ruined this world for the rest of us.

Pro Football / Re: 2021 Pro Football Thread
« on: February 14, 2022, 01:23:19 PM »
glad you hit.

Doesnt it make you wish Sanders would have left too? Sad.

Yea, I zipped right past everything halftime. I heard Eminem knelt though, dont like his music, but I like that. Fuck the NFL and their bullshit

Pro Football / Re: 2021 Pro Football Thread
« on: February 14, 2022, 12:33:51 AM »
This should be a good one. Opening line Rams -4 O/U 49.
I might take Cincy in that deal but Im most certainly thinking its going to be under 49

Well, I stuck with it, although I got rather bold since I didnt have a lot of juice, so I bet Cincy straight up. But, I did say blue gatorade and under.

I was actually pulling for Joe as the game went on, but I am really happy for Stafford. I just wish his wife wasnt such a twat. Great game to watch, except I do have to comment; the refs just couldnt stand it. they just HAD to interject themselves in to the outcome. Egregious penalties....didnt see em. No penalty, or at the very least, the tickiest tackiest calls ever...sure, I saw it, twice, inside the 10, crucial 3rd down, game on the line, yesiree, you betcha, penalty.
Fuckin refs.
Any event, Joe still had a chance and thats what you want. Great game to watch. I hope we get a few years of Mahomes and Burrows in the SB. Wonder if Stafford is coming back now?

On a commercial note; I was so very deeply saddened by the lack of creativity in the ads. It was all just head shakingly mind numbingly thoughtless and stupid.
That is, until the Silverado Sopranos ad ran. That was fucking money right there, no question, stop your internal dialogue, thats your winner.
Ad directed by David Chase too btw, so my head says that's Sopranos canon  :D

Pro Football / Re: 2021 Pro Football Thread
« on: January 31, 2022, 08:39:07 PM »
This should be a good one. Opening line Rams -4 O/U 49.
I might take Cincy in that deal but Im most certainly thinking its going to be under 49

Chit Chat / Re: The TV thread
« on: January 25, 2022, 12:21:54 PM »
So I watched  Dont Fuck With Cats finally.

These crime docs are like reality tv to me in that I have a love/hate relationship with them.
This one was Emmy nominated or won one and some well regarded reviews so I gave it a look.
A guy films himself killing cats and posts the video. Facebookers go insane, rightfully so, but then they go full on reddit.
A group is created in order to locate this cruel individual.
We are introduced to Deanne Thompson and another guy, I think his name is Green, and they are the two "leaders" of the gang.
You should know, as desensitized as we all are by now, I still feel they showed too much of the cat snuff videos, just sayin.

These internet sleuths set out to make the world right for themselves and it really is a commentary on our society today and how narrow these peoples views are related to the world.
Attempting to be self aware about their involvement is somewhwat refreshing until they whatabout their way out of it. Like  many of these docs, there are just too many red flags and it is glaring to me, but like my attorney friends say, never let facts dilute a good story.
At the end of the day, you are watching narcissists validate their lives while trying to put off this low key vibe and its really off putting.
At the conclusion, the girl says, oh I have like 10,000 fans, friends, whatever it was, and 9,999 of them are great. They tell me I should join the FBI ya know *flutters eyelashes* and when I was a kid I wanted to be in the if that somehow contributes to her involvement. And the guy is even worse.
And the irony of it all? Throughout the video, they constantly talk about how this guy wants attention, and cant live without it, but yet here we are, and who is on the Today Show and Good Morning America? It's just so pathetic.
Ill not divulge more because the story itself is indeed quite fascinating and horrifying, but Ill spoil...

Spoiler: show
I just love how these two gloss over the fact they directly contributed to an innocent guy killing himself.
And then openly wonder if they elevated the killer going from cats to people by giving him all the attention they say he wanted. Oh but wait, they cant shoulder that responsibility without you and I accepting the blame for watching the story they fucking created.

And this is the best part of the delusion; One, they cant resist calling out the cops, why didnt they listen to ussssssss????
And two, they didnt fucking solve anything. The cops did, which they would have done anyway without these clowns.
I will grant them that sure, maybe a murder might have been prevented had the cops just dropped everything and listened to a couple of well adjusted self anointed internet sleuth detectives who say some guy posted a video of hismelf killing cats. Then again, if you think about it, even if they caught him red handed, waht could they have done? He mmost certainly would have killed anyway so your self important narcissistic ego maniacal too good for the FBI detectives will just have to go back to their empty vapid lives.
And by the way...I will put it out there that a seriously substantial portion of the worlds population could have done the same thing as these guys if your desire was to sit in front of the computer for endless hours obsessing constantly for two years. You arent special, just self important.

Pro Football / Re: 2021 Pro Football Thread
« on: January 25, 2022, 11:07:24 AM »
That was a great weekend!

Even better that I really dont hate any team left although I dont think the 49ers are good enough to deserve a Super Bowl trip, but then, Dilfer has one so....

Chit Chat / Re: The Life Thread
« on: January 25, 2022, 11:05:09 AM »
Sorry it didn't work out for you Tider, but good luck in your search. Looks like you're off to a decent start from the sound of things.


Chit Chat / Re: The Life Thread
« on: January 18, 2022, 03:52:51 PM »
I was watching a limited series on Ted Bundy. Cut to the end and there's news footage of college kids outside the prison, along with tons of others, but it was a pure celebration of his execution taking place that morning.
And I say celebration because that's what it was, a frat party. Drinking and partying. For me, now, watching that, I just thought it was rather, ghoulish, if you will.
I remember seeing the news of that when it happened because of course Bundy was a huge deal, and Im sure I was cavalier about it then too.
Nobody was talking about the victims, nobody was sharing their stories or feelings of the families. It was all about the biblical revenge. Selling FryDay tshirts and pins and all other sorts of crap. And I get it. hey, there was a time in my life not even too terribly long ago i wouldve volunteered to throw the switch myself.
He absolutely deserved it, but that scene, it was just weird to me.

Pro Football / Re: 2021 Pro Football Thread
« on: January 18, 2022, 03:43:17 PM »
lol You know, with as much talent as they have, there's no reason they shouldnt at least contend for the Conference title.
I never liked MM, even at GB. His clock mgmt has always been questionable, at best.
Kellen Moore is quite simply, Jason Garrett 2.0. All the boy genius bs they say about him is the same exact shit they tagged JG with when he was hired as OC.
It's just sad.
I knew they would lose. I was telling a few friends, even games they won, look at the throws Dak misses. Look at the penalties. That olin is not as strong as they think.
It reminds me specifically of the year Schaub and the Texans were 12-4 and got booted. Same thing. Oline. Schaub missing easy throws but hey when you win, nobody notices, especially if you win by 20.

As for the last play, here's my thing.
You could either have 2-3 plays from the 40 or 1, maybe 2 plays from the 35, maaaaaaybe the 30.
So I dont really have a problem with the call per se; I have a problem with the team not knowing how to execute said play.
And even worse, blaming the refs? MM and DK both? DK even doubled down. Man, I cant believe Im saying this, but it seems like Jerry Jones is the reasonable one right now.

Chit Chat / Re: The Movies Thread
« on: January 09, 2022, 10:10:05 PM »
I was poking around for something else to watch nd came across the doc called the Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain on HBO Max so I gave it a watch.
I say its a doc, it isnt but its based on a true story.
68 year old black man accidentally triggers his med alert while sleeping and the service gets no response so they send cops out, white cops.
The film covers about an hour and a half to two hours of Mr. Chamberlains life, from 5:30 am until his death around 7am.
What begins as a wellness check ends up, well, you know.
Obviously dramatized but tragic nonetheless.
Seriously depressing and offputting but I also think people need to be continue to be made aware of these instances.

Chit Chat / Re: The Movies Thread
« on: January 09, 2022, 06:06:57 PM »
Drive by ----

The Harder they fall
Idris Elba
Rich and vibrant project built for entertainment, not depth.
Marry spaghetti western with Tarantino and this is the result.
It wont change your life but its a fun watch.

Sandra Bullock
this film is like winter, gray, dark, depressing and lasts forever.
A terribly paced melodramatic pile of forgettable film

Edit to add one I forgot

Good Time
Robert Pattinson
A gritty, believable manipulative street urchin, Pattinson alone is worth seeing here.
This film has a weird, techno vibe score, kinda weird but not a deal breaker
See it

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