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Something that I have done recently in the past few years is gotten into board games. I also have a few friends over every so often and we cook out, roll dice, Play cards and have fun. I thought I would share some games every so often that we play so you could do the same. If you have any that your group plays, then please by all means share. :)

I will start out the genesis of this addiction I have acquired and started it all for me and a few friends.  they have 3 flavors now, modern, fantasy and the new Space one that just finished on Kickstarter.  The hook is it is basically walking dead. You and your group are working together for a common goal to survive. It is co op so there is no conflict, some people dont like confrontation so everyone works together against a common evil. Its fast paced and pretty simple.

The drawback is the game has a few quirky rules, and we house rule it and it makes it more realistic and fun. The major problem with the game was that When shooting you had to attack teammates first. That is pure rubbish. So we house ruled that if shooting into a crowd and you critical missed then you hit a team mate. Unless you were a cop (rick Grimes) or a military person.

Little tweaks to that game makes it a fun game that all seem to enjoy. Its great for up  to 6 players. And downloadable missions and expansions you can play for years to come.

Axis & Allies man. Used to play that game endlessly. If we couldn't finish, we would leave the board set up for next time lol
That, hearts and spades were always a huge hit.
Nowadays, it just doesn't happen. My friends don't get together anymore. :(

I've been doing the same thing with a couple of friends for a few years now.

Normally we get together on a Saturday and go through somewhere between 6 or 7 different games. we try to mix thing up each session so it's not always the same games all the time but there are a few that are mainstays.

I'll start off with one the regular games and that is Dungeon Quest

--- Quote ---Dungeon Quest Revised Edition is a fast-paced game of deadly dungeon exploration and looting for one to four players. Each player takes on the role of a hero who sets out to explore Dragonfire Dungeon. Along the way, youíll collect loot, evade traps, battle fearsome monsters, and wend your way through the sprawling catacombs that snake underneath the dungeon. If you are fortunate enough to find your way to the treasure chamber at the dungeonís heart, you may attempt to plunder its riches. The hero who escapes with the most loot wins!

Thereís more to concern you than monsters, traps, and rival heroes. You must be careful not to wake Kalladra, the cruel dragon who sleeps upon the treasure hoard! Once you've looted your fill, you must escape the treacherous, winding maze that makes up the dungeon in order to be victorious.
--- End quote ---

This game is designed to kill you so if you haven't played it before and are thinking of doing so, be preparied to die, and die a lot.
We play the revised edition, but I do prefer the original as it was a lot harder.

I thought I had one group where we might have game nights on a regular basis but that's looking more and more like it won't happen again...but typically we did a lot of Cards Against Humanity, What Would You Meme?, one night we did Ticket To Ride too and that was pretty fun. Monopoly Deal! was a fun little card game, as is Sorry! Revenge...can't forget about UNO either!

I miss my poker nights...and euchre too (although that's definitely more of a Michigan thing).

Unfortunately autumn and I don't have friends at the moment, however my brother in Greenville has a group he plays board games with fairly regularly. It's actually one of his friends that has a massive board game collection (an old HS friend of mine also boasts a large collection. He was in the Air Force in Amsterdam and I guess there's a huge board game convention there or in Germany that helped him build his out. But I digress).

Those guys play a lot of those 8+ co-op type board games and such, but when I visited Greenville for our fantasy draft last year the dude brought over Camel Up, which was a really cool horserace betting kind of game. 

The best, though, was Resistance. Its basically like the Mafia game we used to play here. We had...I think 7 people playing. Two of us were spies, the rest were the resistance. Basically, you go on missions, I think there were 7 total. You pick who goes on each mission and some rule determines who gets to pick first. The first mission two players get picked, then three, then four, then back to three and two I think. Now, the other players CAN veto the picks, in which case the next player chooses the squad, but if the picks get vetoed either 3 or 4 times in a row, the spies win.

So, first game, Resistance loses. Second game, me and the drunkest person there are spies. Btw, my 12 year old is there too. When I tell you the screaming match that erupted between me and him when he accused me of being a spy super early in the game continued throughout the game, I tell you no lies.

Finally it came down to the last mission. Kiddo didn't trust me still and they pretty much knew the other dude was a spy, but I was able to put enough doubt on my son's loyalty that after 2 or3 vetoes, it was my turn to pick the mission and they couldn't veto or else the spies would win. Naturally, I chose myself for the mission and thus the mission failed and the spies won.

I've apologized to my son for accusing him of lying and turning everyone against him, profusely, constantly, ever since.


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