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Title: Fabled Lands enters Early Access on Steam
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Fabled Lands is a graphical adaptation of the gamebook series of the same name from the 90s (the boom era for gamebooks). The games were simple, you read the books ala Choose Your Own Adventure faire, then you'd roll dice to determine outcomes to situations. I've spent many hours with this particular gamebook series, so buying it was an instant must for me. There's a free version of the same thing with more content called "Java Fabled Lands" (formerly Fabled Lands App or FLAPP) but it doesn't have the graphical improvements, and I'm interested with the new spin they're giving on the old books. I'm a bit leery about one thing, they mention that "updates will be free for Kickstarter backers" which is suggestive that the additional books might have a premium on their addition. I don't mind paying $15 for the game, but if they expect $15 or even $10 for book updates they're crazy.
 If they just mean extra money for additional new book content after the original 7 books are fully integrated, that I wouldn't mind so much.

Game books are a bit high difficulty by nature and rather unforgiving, and this version is fairly similar to the original gamebooks (the combat system is changed drastically), and they added in special attacks so that being a mage has more value than "I can identify magic writing sometimes." I'm enjoying it so far, though I do wonder how long it will take before book 2 is implemented, that's my favorite book in the series.

The developer has specified that development time will "probably take 2 years to complete," and I think that means for the original 7 Fabled Lands books alone. Cost will increase over time, as usual, Early Access gets a discount.