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Author Topic: The Movies Thread  (Read 70534 times)

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Re: The Movies Thread
« Reply #360 on: October 24, 2021, 01:36:17 PM »
The Stranger
Edward G. Robinson, Orson Welles

Film noir cat and mouse film with a heavy dose of Nazi hunting in post war America.
EGR is essentially a Nazi hunter, akin to Hans Landa, not without the same style in some scenes.
There's quite a bit of high and low angle shots in the film which I found interesting and matches the pace and the storytelling.
I really enjoyed this

The Invisible Man
Claude Rains

This is a fun one to watch. If for nothing else, the manner in which special effects were applied in 1933 were quite impressive.
Jack Griffin is a scientist who stumbled upon an invisibility potion. The film opens well beyond this stage though. He has temporarily abandoned his fiance who is unaware of his advancements, in order to find the antidote.
Griffin however, is unaware this potion has adversely affected his mind leading him to criminal, anarchist ideals.
Confiding in his former colleague, in his permanent invisible state, Griffin sets forth with his progressively unhinged madness, and sense of humor.

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Re: The Movies Thread
« Reply #361 on: October 24, 2021, 09:43:45 PM »
The Innocents 1961
Deborah Kerr, Pamela Franklin, Martin Stephens

Ms Giddens (Kerr) is an inexperienced young woman obtaining her first real opportunity, governess for a wealthy man with a niece and nephew he wants to know nothing about.
The previous governess had died, tragically and suddenly and this is where we begin.
This film is atop many all time horror lists and thats why it was on my see list. This is the best sort of horror film for several reasons. It doesnt mix and match tropes and genres, i.e. jump scares, which certainly have their place and can be effective, but not here.
This film is all story, character and atmosphere. And it's all creepy.
Giddens quickly notices slightly odd occurrences along with the two younglings with curious mutterings and behaviors.
The other staff, primarily Ms. Grose (Megs Jenkins) waves off Ms Giddens worries, however, she does seem to be an ally if not a device for the audience to learn more of the story.
After witnessing apparitions, coupled with everything else, our new governess begins to unravel, revealing much more about herself in the process.
Ambiguity is the theme in this film and Ill tell you after having watched it, Im wanting to watch it again.

My Halloween list is still about 25-30 movies long, so I know I wont get to all of them, but I really want to see about 15 more and given this is the last week of the month....I dunno.... lol

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Re: The Movies Thread
« Reply #362 on: October 26, 2021, 10:38:18 PM »
Repulsion 1960
Catherine Deneuve
We first see Carole Ledoux (Deneuve) at her job in a nail salon, her mind not in the present as she has spaced out mid manicure to a customer.
In a rather long exposition, we follow her life via some closeup tracking shots as she moves through her day which consists of going to work or home to an apartment she shares with her sister Helene (Yvonne Furneaux)
We know straight away she has an aversion to Colin (John Fraser) who has more than a passing interest in her, as well as her sisters new beau (Ian Hendry)
The film graduates from a spry middle of the road tale to a psychological horror with an exceptional slow burn.
Becoming more catatonic and delusional as we progress, we ride with carol as we struggle to discover the cause.
I enjoyed this one a great deal. Recommended.

The Island of Lost Souls 1932
Charles Laughton, Bela Lugosi, Richard Arlen

The first film based off of the book, the Island of Dr. Moreau.
Edward Parker (Arlen) is one of many rescued fro a sinking ship. He telegraphs his fiance to let her know where he is and is headed.
After a row with the Captain, he is unceremoniously dumped over board on to a boat to which the aforementioned Captain had just made a scheduled delivery.
Dr. Moreau and his assistant, Montgomery welcome Parker to stay on his island and say they will return him to a pier the next morning.
Parker notices strange half man, wolves and swine across the island but finds it curious, not yet alarming.
Moreau explains to Parker that in London he began experimenting with accelerated evolution. Beginning with plants, then moving to animals. His secret was leaked and he was exiled. He then set up shop on this remote island.
Secretly wanting to further his discoveries, he sends Lota, the only female on the island, to interact with Parker. He wants to see if this panther, evolved in to woman, can emote as a real woman.
Mean time, the fiance investigates and discovers where the Captain had dumped her betrothed and off she goes with a sailor to fetch him.
They arrive and are welcomed by Moreau until things take a turn, and Ill leave you there.

I didnt find anything revolutionary in the film making here although there were some great shots using lights and shadows.
The story still holds, but I cant put myself in a 1932 frame of mind to really be blown away by this film. I will say I am glad I watched it because it is a classic. I did like it but I didnt love it. 
It is only an hour and ten minutes, so if you can spare it, Id say give it a look only because film history demands you do so. I promise, youve seen worse.

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Re: The Movies Thread
« Reply #363 on: October 28, 2021, 10:56:57 AM »
Phantom of the Opera 1925 (Silent film)

Not much to say here. I watched it because it's deemed a classic.
The short version is that the Phantom lives in the bowels of the Opera House in Paris that were used as torture chambers.
It's implied our Phantom was one such victim, hence the mask to hide his disfigurement
He falls in love with the voice and thereby singer, Christine Dase. She is mesmerized by his passion for her. He sends threatening notes to management to give her the leading role or suffer dire consequences.
They dont, he does, then she meets him. She's promised everything as long as she foresakes all others, including her current beau.
Ultimately she finds out what he is and seeks to flee.
I skipped over some other plot points but that should get you going.
This was a one timer for me, but glad I watched it, but I doubt everyone else would be.

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Re: The Movies Thread
« Reply #364 on: October 30, 2021, 11:42:03 PM »
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1931
Dr. Jekyll is an optimistic scientist who believes the bad you that always battles the good you can be scienced out, leaving humanity in tact as a whole.
As you know, his experimental potion creates a Mr. Hyde with whom his alter self craves, that is until Jekyll returns.
Realizing his alter egos dastardly deeds, Jekyll is determined to let Hyde appear again, but alas, it is too late as he can now take over without the potion whenever threatened or overcome with emotion.
Good camera movement with surprisingly good special effects for its time help this story along. Despite an abundance of overacting, I still really enjoyed this flick.

Gerald's Game
Carla Gugino
A couple head to a secluded retreat in the hopes to revive their sluggish sinking marriage.
Hubby talks Carla Gugino in to a daring sex game. It's not a spoiler to tell you he dies in the act while she is handcuffed to the bed with everything just out of reach of course.
The situation is a horrifying one sure enough and it is quite captivating more than halfway through. We find that solace can be as dangerous an enemy as anything or anyone, maybe.
I wont spoil this but
Spoiler: show
the film's ending lost me. The story took an un needed turn and became so fragmented. I realize all of the arcs we were trying to tie together, but it just fell apart for me.
So the dog was real and the intruder was real? It had good potential but this is one film where the ending superseded everything positive. Perhaps I wasnt in the right frame of mind to understand it?

If I had it to do over, Id probably skip this one. However, Gugino is quite good if that helps you decide.
The Loved Ones
Xavier Samuel, Robin McLeavy

This film is sick.
Think Misery and Hostel and what you have is The Loved Ones.
If you go in expecting a traditional horror film, forget it. Do expect some horror tropes like awful character decisions.
Is this film redefining? I dont think so, but it tries. Take it for what it is and it's entertaining.
We begin with Samuel and his dad on a road trip of sorts when an apparent victim of sorts appears in the middle of the road causing a crash where dad dies.
Fast forward 6 months later and we have the expected unsaid grief canyon between mom and son.
We are focused on Samuel and his high school acquaintances, Jessica McNamee, Victoria Thaine and Richard Wilson.
Then he goes missing and you can fill in the rest. Perhaps.
McLeavey gives a terrific performance I think and Samuel does pretty well too considering what he's given to work with in this project.
Consider this part of your sayonara to Halloween weekend.

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Re: The Movies Thread
« Reply #365 on: November 01, 2021, 01:09:04 PM »
I really wanted to watch Halloween Kills on Halloween night, but Ive read it isnt that good, plus I had been wanting to watch Get Out, so I did.

Get Out
Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Catherine Keener, Bradley Whitford

Chris (Kaluuya) and his gf Rose (Williams) have reached the meet her parents stage.
He asks, did you tell them I was black?
To which her reply was no, and her dad would have voted for Obama a third time if he could
Chris is quasi concerned, but writes it off although not completely.
We meet that fam, consisting of Keener (40 year old virgin) and Whittford as the accepting parents and it's odd from the outset.
We experience this just as Chris is and are picking up on the same small oddities as he does, but those too are filed away but not forgotten.
I was getting the feeling setup was going to be a situation where Chris would be made to look as if he was in the wrong on some serious transgression, forcing a rift between he and Rose, much to the joy of the parents.
We, as well as Chris, knows mom and dad are full of shit and are probably harboring racist views.
I'll just say none of us are wrong.
This film allows you to live and learn as the character which is uncomfortable as hell. I tried to stay with him in putting this puzzle together and it's one of those movies where you know the what and the where, when, but the why and the how? Not necessarily.
The feel and tone of this film is pretty generic IMO, but it works as being a vague setup although I feel like there was a distinct nod to Halloween in the opening scene.
Nothing spectacular with the cinematography or art direction, but everything looks and feels in place creating a perfect atmosphere for this story.
I wasnt sure it was going to be a horror at the beginning and it really isnt. Well, it isnt in fact, certainly not traditionally. But don't think it's not a horrific narrative.
I would certainly give this one a look.

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Re: The Movies Thread
« Reply #366 on: November 01, 2021, 03:39:53 PM »
Absolutely loved Get Out! Horror isn't really my genre like it used to be (and like you said, this isn't your typical horror film) but this one was quite enjoyable.
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