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The 1993 spiritual successor of Mutant League Football returns with a new look and familiar game play. The game was kickstarted and has familiar features, game play, parody pro teams, and yet retains the charm of the original game from so long ago.  It is not without its faults however, but they do not decimate the experience like other 1st time modern football games. Please read my honest as I can be review and full disclosure I was a Kickstarter backer. 

NEW logo

This game was originally in a 2013 Kickstarter  that failed, and tried again in 2017 that funded and actually released on time. You read that right, a video game kickstarter that released on time. I am already impressed by that little feat. The game was promised for Oct 2017 release and it accomplished this Oct. 31 2017.  

While I am pleased with this, how is the game play you ask? Well it is actually pretty good when using a 360 controller on PC. It's very responsive, and the controls are sharp. I can pass and run the ball and play defense and feel like I have control, no frustrations. The only issue on control is kicking. As soon as I think I have the kicking controls down, somehow hitting "A" like i did the previous times does not respond the same. 25+ games in the alpha, beta, and a full season on the final release that is my only gripe. The kicking is ok, but is not natural or intuitive to me. Minor gripe on that portion of the control. It could just be me, but it did not detract from my experience. 

The familiarity from the original game is carried over but you know its a new game. From the dirty tricks to bribing the ref, its back with a vengeance. If you aren't familiar with those, there are 2 dirty trick plays you can call per half per squad. So your offense has 2 and defense has 2. Plus you can bribe the ref once per half. Be careful on the bribes, if the opponent bribes after you I believe the latest bribe takes over. Bribes will allow the ref to call a penalty when the other team scores or forces a turnover etc... and call its in the teams favor that last bribed. The opposing team needs to kill the ref or bribe to negate dirty penalties being called. That is a chess match in of itself paying the ref at the right time. The interface looks familiar and easy to navigate.  The choices are self explanatory. I enjoyed the season mode myself and played that the most. 

One feature I like is the season standings, you can see the Hatriots played by me was kicking ass. :D 

As in the previous edition of the game, this one also parodies the NFL teams. Not all teams are parodied but most are. Some other teams like Tokyo and the Orcs of hazard make an appearance. 

Also players are parodied like Ghoulio Bones (Julio Jones) and Bomb Shady (Tom Brady) which is a nice touch.

The playoff brackets are a nice touch also. I just wished I could see my old schedule after starting the playoffs.  A minor quibble I know. The Mayhem Bowl featured the Hatriots vs the Vultures, with the haters winning.

The music is good and did not get too repetitive, I would imagine over time it might. The little sayings the announcers did was really funny, although some got to be repetitive. Hopefully they will add more. Also a word of warning NSFW language if you have kiddos wanting to play. There will be some salty language in this game.  One of the announcers is Tim Kitzrow, some may know him as the NBA jam guy.

Overall I love this game, Strawberry Fields is my favorite dirty trick, and Mile High Chronic is my favorite stadium, it is just beautiful. I also cracked up on a few of the off color comments from the commentary. 

Pros:  graphics.


Nostalgia: it retains the spirit of the first game.

        its football unlike the other "fantasy football" games out there. 


Each stadium feels different.


Strategy of the Bribes and Dirty tricks

I feel its worth the $25 bucks it cost. I am a cheap ass too. 

I have not found a bug yet in release playing a full season and one off games.

Cons: Some Dirty Tricks I feel are useless or feels out of place. Others are great. The ability to choose would be great for your team. 

I still have issues on the kick meter at times after I think i have it figured out.

Some people may not like adult language if they wanted to play with the little ones. Maybe a patch to censor if the user wanted? Doesnt bother me.

Some repetitive commentary.

I rate this an 8.5 out of 10. I am hearing some talk on forums and discussion that maybe franchise mode is an upcoming feature (would love to do a league again) They are patching as they find bugs, and wanting to add more. For a first time release in a long time this game is impressive. My main question is what took you so long?

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