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Hah...bubble hockey.

Not gonna lie, I've been watching the hell out of the NHL's return since last Saturday. It's early but I think this is the only way pro sports is gonna work for the near future: keeping the teams in a bubble. I like the NHL's odds better since they're in Canada, but so far the NBA's results so far are encouraging too (even in Florida). It's nice to see sports on tv, and while it's a little jarring at first seeing no one in in the stands once the game gets going you get used to it. It's a bummer not having a dog in the race, absolutely.

I've also got a huge issue with players and staff getting tested everyday while those of us out in the real world and on the frontline don't have that same access...but maybe that differs by country, and I'm fairly certain I've made my opinions clear on the leadership in the US lol.

But while it's on...yeah I'm watching. And hoping these guys can all stay safe for the sake of themselves and their loved ones.

This is also a nice reminder that since this is technically still the 2019-2020 season, that the Maple Leafs absolutely lost to a zamboni driver in net for the Carolina Hurricanes.

I haven't been watching yet but I need to, there's just no where for me to readily pull up a game with the services I have.
Putting in time to research under the radar streams is something I haven't tried yet. Same with baseball.
I think baseball should just shut down, never should have started, but I'll remain mum with my deeper thoughts.

The Rangers have exited the bubble...the Canes look good.

You're absolutely right about baseball.

And then there were four.
I think Ill be rooting for the West regardless of who wins, but hoping for Dallas

Props to the NHL for successfully pulling this off, and congrats to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Whoever built that team must be a really good GM...I wonder where hes at now? Odds are hell be successful no matter where he goes.



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